Saturday, August 31


Miss 13 (tomorrow 14!) - My model for a mini session in the backyard for a surprise Father's day gift.
Miss 9 - My other gorgeous model having fun in front of the camera.

A couple of my favourites from last week were this sweet little pink tea ritual and I love the perspective in this one and those pretty red shoes.

Joining the lovely Jodi again this week.


  1. Happy Birthday to Miss 14!!! how fun combining Fathers Day and birthdays....hope there is lots of cake and sweet things. xxxxx

  2. Beautiful photos and beautiful models!! Hugs Wendy

  3. Gorgeous photo's, beautiful girls!

  4. Happy birthday to your oldest girl! These photo's are so beautiful, love how you captured the light in them! x

  5. These are really beautiful photos.

  6. I love this shot of your big girl!! That colour top she is wearing suits her so well!! And the second shot of your little one and her beautiful smile is gorgeous too xx


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