Sunday, May 10

Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there I hope that you all had a wonderful day. My mother's day started a bit early with my lovely husband cooking me a beautiful butter chicken from scratch and then an apple pie for dinner last night. Because we spent the day at my Mum's and Dad's we knew we would be too full for a proper dinner tonight so I had a Mother's Day dinner last night and a delicious lunch at my Mum's today. I was given lovely gifts of the handmade and bought kind wrapped in the most gorgeous hand drawn paper. The girls chose some gifts from the Mother's day stall of beaded heart table weights and jasmine scented paper flowers, now sitting on my coffee table. My hubby spoilt me with a Wii Fit, some chocolates and the Meet Me at Mikes craft book. Thank you to my wonderful family for making my mother's day special and showing me how much you care. Love you lots! See you later.
Smiles Catherine

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  1. um I think you can send him to my kitchen husband made pancakes and needed to ask me how to turn the stove on! obviously a sign he doesn't use the kitchen too often!



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