Thursday, April 19

109/365 Black and White

Looking for inspiration I wandered around the yard in the moody afternoon light and came across this beautiful detailed moth. I then remembered this weeks  theme of black and white and thought this moth would make the perfect choice.  I did alter this photo to be black and white but initially it was very grey and white so I almost didn't change it but when I did it just popped with the change.

108/365 Reading Material

One of my favourite reading materials and pretty much anything self help related.  I love learning all things about health and wellbeing.  Do you have a favourite magazine you enjoy reading?

Tuesday, April 17

107/365 Boho Birthday

Another sweet and simple teen birthday gift card I made today.  I decided that I liked the simplicity of this card without any sentiments or numbers on the front so I left it plain.  Now to write and it and post it to the birthday girl.

106/365 Beauty

A beautiful surprise gift from my hubby the other day that inspired me to take today's photo of the day.