Monday, August 13

217-224/365 The week that was

I had all the thoughts about continuing my Well being series but I didn't quite get there.  I actually had a few that I wanted to share with you including the first two photos I took. Firstly my bed and a big bowl of delicious strawberries.  I think that they are both pretty self explanatory but I think they are a big factor in maintaining over all well being.  Sleep is something that I am constantly working on and I don't seem to be very disciplined with.  I really should be getting to sleep much earlier than the 11 pm that I do.  I don't know why I don't get to bed earlier, is it the rebellious me that sees it as a great chance to have some more me time, probably and it's also a bit of a bad habit.  The other big key to well being is also an abundance of fresh food.  Food that is as close to nature that means organic and try to eat a rainbow each day.  You will feel better for it and your body will love you for giving it life force.  The rest of the photos are how my days have looked over the past week.  I hope that you enjoy them and that you have all been keeping well.  Thank you all for stopping by and for those who take the time to comment.  I have been trying to reply to each comment so if you have any questions I am happy to answer them there if you like.

Saturday, August 4

216/365 Computer Free

Like most of us I really love my computer and probably spend too much time on it if I am being honest.  I never used to spend a lot of time on my computer I think once I discovered blogging and then when internet access started to become more affordable then being on the computer weaved it's way into my everyday life.  I don't like the amount of time I spend on the computer and would rather spend more time with my family and being creative and giving my mind some space.  So I have recently, say in the last few months, implemented a computer free day every week.  At first I was just reserving it to instagram but the last couple of weeks I have also added the computer to it.  I still find it a little hard, it's like an itching feeling that you really want to check your phone to see what exciting things have been happening but you can't.  When I do log on Monday morning quite often there isn't anything in particular that has happened that I have missed out on which I knew would happen.  Isn't it interesting these feelings that you have, that technology is designed to make you want to keep looking for the next thing to interest you.  I think in time I will try and reduce the amount of time each day I spend on my computer and still keep the Sunday free, it seems to be working for me.  Do you have a computer/technology free day each week?

215/365 Creating

Another area in my life that I believe contributes to my well being, health and happiness is being creative each day.  It doesn't have to require lots of time set aside, a little each day seems to be enough to give me time to relax and a sense of accomplishment.  I used to find it hard to only do a little bit at a time and could get a little frustrated with how long a project would take to complete.  But I try to remember that a little time on a project each day does add up quickly.  The things that I like to create involve crochet; sometimes sewing; my photography; card making; baking; making home made cleaning products for our home and gardening.  I feel that in each of these areas I am being creative in some form.  Do you carve some time out each day to be creative?

214/365 Meditating

My first introduction to meditating was when I started yoga probably 5 years ago.  My lovely neighbour encouraged me to go along with her and I am so glad I did because I still do yoga.  I didn't meditate at home regularly until last year when I did an online course.  I had read many books that spoke of the benefits of meditation but it was the course that prompted me to form the daily habit.  So I looked on my phone and bought an app that suited me best, found a guided mediation and just started.  It was hard at first making the time in my day but once I found a time that suited me and each day made the effort to meditate it became a habit.  I must confess that since the school holidays I haven't been sitting in my usual spot to meditate.  It is a little cold and I have formed a bad habit of lying in bed and meditating.  The benefits of mediation include reducing stress and anxiety; improves sleep and improves concentration to just name a few. So I will be getting back into a good habit of sitting down in my sacred space to do my meditation because the benefits too important not too.  Do you like to meditate?