Tuesday, October 2

Hi There

I think by now that you may have guessed I have fallen off the 365 project.  This was my second time around participating, the last time I finished and found it quite rewarding to see the year in photos and watch my photography progression. This time round I had lots of enthusiasm for the first half of the year and then I started to loose my mojo.  Things around home required more of my attention and so my desire to take photos disappeared.  I am a little disappointed in myself for not finishing what I started but with my heart no longer in the project I decided to not pursue it for now.  As I type this I am not discounting coming back on a more regular basis to share photos because it makes me happy. And the more I think about it the more I need to do a few more things for myself, things that light me up.  So here is a collection of some photos from the past month.  I hope you enjoy them and I hope to be back again soon.

Tuesday, September 4

238-247/365 Food, Friends, Celebrations and Spring

The days seem to get away from me lately.  At this time in my life getting through daily life moments is taking more mental energy from me right now.  Being a mother to my teen daughters and helping them navigate life as well as me working through this new season has brought with it times of change.  Nothing that many other parents haven't faced I am sure but new to me to work through.  For now that seems to be consuming my mind which I am learning to let go off a little each day.  When you are so used to being your child's primary source of many things and then things change, as they should, it takes a period of adjusting.  They seem little for so long but really they aren't and before you know it they are grown with their own opinions and purpose and personality and boy can these new times be fun to watch them explore.  Anyway that's where I have been for a while now, I suppose that may explain my more haphazard blogging.  I know that seasons come and go, and I admit I miss my sweet little ones but life must change and so must they and so must I.  I hope all is well with you.

Saturday, August 25

225-237/365 I think I have caught up??

I am sure that by now anyone that still stops by to catch up on my photos probably doesn't want to, or needs to hear my usual reason for not posting regularly.  My habit of being on the computer each evening has changed and I tend to try and wind down by reading.  I do really like how Foxs Lane posts regularly each week so I am going to give that a go.  I feel like that is probably a better fit for where I am with my routine of life at the moment.  So here is a snapshot of the last couple of weeks around here.  Chat with you again soon in a week, fingers crossed.  May you have a wonderful week. 

Monday, August 13

217-224/365 The week that was

I had all the thoughts about continuing my Well being series but I didn't quite get there.  I actually had a few that I wanted to share with you including the first two photos I took. Firstly my bed and a big bowl of delicious strawberries.  I think that they are both pretty self explanatory but I think they are a big factor in maintaining over all well being.  Sleep is something that I am constantly working on and I don't seem to be very disciplined with.  I really should be getting to sleep much earlier than the 11 pm that I do.  I don't know why I don't get to bed earlier, is it the rebellious me that sees it as a great chance to have some more me time, probably and it's also a bit of a bad habit.  The other big key to well being is also an abundance of fresh food.  Food that is as close to nature that means organic and try to eat a rainbow each day.  You will feel better for it and your body will love you for giving it life force.  The rest of the photos are how my days have looked over the past week.  I hope that you enjoy them and that you have all been keeping well.  Thank you all for stopping by and for those who take the time to comment.  I have been trying to reply to each comment so if you have any questions I am happy to answer them there if you like.