Friday, June 15

165,166/365 A New Do for Molly, Podcast Pick

Molly was very over due for her haircut so Thursday she was given a new do.  Molly has been given a bit of a make over with her new hair do and her teeth cleaned last week.  I'm sure she appreciates how much we love and care for her.

Friday is my housework day so lots of cleaning has been done and not much else.  But while I am cleaning I love to listen to a podcast.  And my podcast pick for this week is Lavendaire, a podcast on personal grown and lifestyle design. Have you had a good Friday?

Wednesday, June 13

163,164/365 Sunset and cloudy days

I have been treating myself a little the last couple of days.  I have been using essential oils for diffusing, in body products I make and in my cleaning products also.  I have done this for a little while now and had wanted to have Vetiver in my collection.  When I saw that Perfect Potion had a limited addition Vetiver I decided to buy it and a bonus was that I got a discount with the points I collected.

And today's lunch time smoothie.  The last couple of days I have felt like having something fresh and decided to go with a smoothie. It's a bit of a concoction which includes banana, pitaya, a date, some spinach, hemp seeds, coconut, ABC nut butter and maca powder.  Do you like to have smoothies for lunch?

Monday, June 11

158-162 Days Gone By

Wow it's hard to believe that five days has passed since I have posted here.  I have been taking photos each day but then just sometimes if I'm honest can't be bothered to post here.  It is so easy to get all caught up in being on the computer or instagram which is my case and it really is important to take yourself away from it more often.  I so often here how much people achieve whilst giving themselves a bit of a tech break, and I would love to get back into more creating and less screen time.  Anyway my photos for the past five days are all about birthday card making, new plant and pot purchases, visits to the city and my usual Monday baking.  I made these yummy Cherry Ripe Bliss Balls which I didn't end up making last week but I did today.  How has your week been?

Wednesday, June 6

157/365 Little Visitor

Today I had my little weekly visitor come to play with me.  We had all types of fun drawing, swinging on the swings, singing, reading, playing with doll house toys and today's favourite activity was painting.  We chatted about the colours and how she was making circles and also there was some picture labelling too. It's fascinating watching them evolve and mature.