Saturday, February 17

48/365 Chook, chook, chook

We have four hens who give us lots of eggs each day that we enjoy in our meals.  They don't get let out as often as they should mostly because of the mess they make of the gardens.  Today my hubby let them out for the morning for a bit of a scratch around which they all enjoyed.

Friday, February 16

47/365 Afternoon Folding

Friday, the last day of the working week for many, also my favourite day.  Today was housework day with although is quite tiring, I still like the finished product even if it only lasts for a couple of hours. This afternoon we had another storm which cooled things off nicely and the light it produced was beautiful too.  So in the last light of the afternoon, I stood in my room and folded the basket of washing, enjoying nature and the start of the weekend.

Thursday, February 15

46/365 After the storm

This week has brought a heatwave here, hopefully the last for this Summer.  Because we live in the sub tropics we are lucky to, at the end of a hot day, get a storm to cool things off.  Today was another warm day here 35 degrees celsius.  After a series of hot days the sky came over cloudy, the thunder rumbled and the sky opened up.  The storm probably lasted for around and hour, there was some hail too.  Things are now much cooler and the air conditioner is off finally, until tomorrow that is.

Wednesday, February 14

45/365 Toddler Days

Today I got back to my early job days/mothering days and took care of my beautiful neighbours little girl.  It was a whirlwind kind of day going from this activity to the next activity as toddlers like to do. It's been so long now since my girls were toddlers and that I have been whizzing around after them. It was fun day and it was lovely to see some of their old toys coming out and being enjoyed by another little girl once again.