Monday, January 22

22/365 Schools Back

My daughter had her first day back at school today and I had some me time today.  Not the exciting me time you might be thinking but shopping and baking and listening to some podcasts just me and Molly the dog.  It has been a nice time having my daughter at home with me over the holidays, I always cherish the time knowing that one day it will all change... Do you enjoy listening to podcasts too?

Sunday, January 21

21/365 Back to school muffins

It's back to school for my daughter tomorrow so I got to baking today and made these choc chip banana muffins.  They were very easy to make and the bonus was it made a dozen and a half.

Saturday, January 20

20/365 Bubbles

I'm not someone who like soft drinks, it actually makes me feel a bit ill.  I love water firstly, then tea but my fizzy drink of choice is kombucha. I must try and make it someday for myself..

Friday, January 19

19/365 Afternoon Delight

It was a usual busy Friday filled with all kinds of housework. When I was outside taking the washing off the line, I took my camera for a walk around the yard to capture the beautiful afternoon light. Happy weekend to you.