Monday, May 21

140-141/365 Sunday, Monday

I have been a little absent from this space each Sunday for the past couple of weeks.  I was recently listening to a podcast that had spoken about the importance of taking a bit of a break from technology and decided to give it a try. Each Sunday I will no longer post here or on my instagram.  When I did it for the first time last week I thought I would really miss it but I didn't as much as I thought which has spurred me on to making it a habit. That feeling of missing out is still there a little at the moment but when log back on each Monday not much has really happened, just ordinary life which is easy to catch up on.  My first photo is of the sweet violas we planted recently and the second is today's baking for the week ahead.  I made my traditional chocolate slice and this yummy maple date loaf too.  Do you like to take a tech free day each week for yourself?  What benefits have you discovered?

Saturday, May 19

137-139/365 Flowers, Books and Food

These gorgeous flowers were given to me by my youngest for Mother's Day and they are still looking as beautiful as ever. Some simple, yet delicious pikelets for afternoon tea were a real treat to have.  And my new monthly collection of books from the library. I managed to get quite few new books which was great.  How has your weekend been so far? Have you watched the royal wedding?

Wednesday, May 16

131-136 A mixed bag

Well it has been a few days since I have posted.  I listened to a podcast last Friday that spoke about the importance of taking a digital detox day each week.  On Sunday as it was Mother's Day I thought it would be the perfect day not to log on. I had moments of wanting to share but then those moments passed and I really enjoyed the space it gave me.  I have still be logging on most days since then but have wanted to take a little break from posting.  Anyway here is a little visual catch up of what I have been doing since last Thursday. There has been a lot of card making, a trip to Toowoomba to celebrate Mother's Day with my girls, some seeds for planting and my favourite drink in the afternoon that makes me feel nice and relaxed ready for the afternoon. I hope you have been having a lovely week.

Thursday, May 10

130/365 For My Nephew

I really enjoy making these small gift cards for birthday cards.  The smaller space makes it easier to place just a few elements on the card and make it look full and complete without too much space.  This weekend I have a few more cards on the list to make for Mother's day and for my Mum's birthday. Do you like to make your own cards for birthdays?