Tuesday, May 26

My day and Pass it Forward

Hello there not much blogging happening here because we have had a few sicknesses in our house lately, the adults are mended but Miss 5 still isn't feeling 100%. I really hope for her and for us that she has a good nights sleep I'm not enjoying waking up as I am sure she is over the coughing by now. Enough of my grizzling, today was a little bit productive with me cutting out my Buttercup Bag pattern. (yeh!)
On the weekend I took my mother in law and girls to the shops for lunch while my poor hubby was stuck at work. Since I just love candles I always treat myself to candles from Dusk whenever I get a chance. Today I bought these pretty tea light holders and a new container candle in the Bondi range, I love the smell of this candle, coconut, vanilla and 'ocean freshness'.
I also was blog hopping today and came across this blog and Lauren had a post about Paying It Forward. It involves the next 3 people to comment on this blog post will (if they want) get something handmade sent to them from me and those who participate then pass it on to other people who comment on their post. So if you would like to get a little homemade pressie from me then I would love to hear from you. Bye for now.
Smiles Catherine

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  1. This is very interesting....! I am looking forward to seeing your finished bag :) I have almost finished my cushion, I will show you when I see you. Am thinking what I could make.....


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