Saturday, May 16


How has your Saturday been? Mine has been very productive and just a really nice day today. I did some weeding today not very exciting but things are looking a lot neater which is what I like and also a bit of trimming of my plants and mulching. Tomorrow more gardening is on the agenda but when the mood hits you, you better go with it I say. Gardening and the library were only the start of my day because my lovely husband and I were treated to our long awaited 'surprise' that our daughters have been organising for several weeks. We were both given a program of events, chairs in the garden with lovely food awaiting (which they bought with their pocket money), a gift of rhinestones and a brad for me and cars and a Car ring for him, some wonderful entertainment and great company. They were very sweet to have gone to so much trouble and effort I had a wonderful time today, thank you girls. Talk to all of you again soon.

Smiles Catherine

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  1. oh isn't that sweet that they went to all that trouble - it looks like a fabulous performance too.
    Eww, weeds - I need to get onto mine too!


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