Tuesday, December 1

Let Christmas Begin!

The start of December marks the date for us to put up the tree, start using the advent calendar and decorating the house ready for Christmas. So tonight was the night and we all had lots of fun. My hubby and the girls setting up the tree, then the girls and I trimming the tree ready for the all important star to be put up on the top all while we were grooving away to So Fresh Christmas 2007. (you just have to create the mood, lol) The advent calendar was made last year after seeing some at the shops but really wanting to make my own. I really don't like the chocolate calendars much for the girls, and we usually forget to eat them anyway so this was a better way of counting down the days. I did search for calendars like I used to have when I was little that had pictures in them but haven't found any, they were so much fun to open each day.:) So this calendar was made simply by decorating the frame with paint and glitter, then colour in some pictures, laminate them and glue them to the frame. The insert of the frame was painted with chalk board paint and then I painted the words onto the board, waited till it dried and that was it, simple.
I thought I would show you my favourite decoration on the tree but let me say that all the decorations that my girls make are just beautiful but this Santa decoration has special meaning for me. The decoration was bought by myself for my grandmother as a Christmas present using my money and when she passed away I inherited the decoration. It has been a long time since she has passed but it reminds me of her which always makes me smile. Do you have a favourite decoration?

I hope you have all had a good day, talk to you soon.

Smiles Catherine xox

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  1. Love the Advent calendar - what a clever idea!


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