Thursday, December 10

My Creative Space

Since it is the last creative space for the year I thought I would stop by and share what I have been doing, nothing really exciting in the heat but I still have a bit of Christmas sewing left to do. I am making this bag for my god daughter for Christmas, hoping this will be ok for a 13 year old who likes retro. And I thought some of you might like to have a look at these pattern drafting books my mother in law gave me to have a look at and try my hand at drafting a pattern. I'll have to have a closer look and since I'm a bit of a basic sewer I'll probably need to call for a bit of help but the patterns inside are just gorgeous.

And I thought I would just show you a cute photo from my Miss 5's prep concert today. They all did a great job singing and dancing and at the end we were given a beautiful gift of their portfolio of work over the semester. The teachers went to so much effort and we have a wonderful keepsake which I'm sure she'll love to look back at.

Thanks for coming by my blog if you want to see more creativity happening then pop by
Kirsty's lovely blog.

Smiles Catherine xox


  1. The bag and retro fabric are a winner! Great post!

  2. Love the bag. Great mother-in-law! And what a gorgeous girl you have. Hope you enjoyed the day.

  3. Love the bag and super fabric, any gal would be delighted with a bag like that I reckon.

  4. Catherine... so great to get caught up with you! You have made some great gifts and I love seeing the pictures of your girls! I can't believe it is summer time there and Christmas time. Seems weird but I guess it being winter and Christmas time here would be weird for you! :) So great to see what you have been up to!

  5. That bag will look amazing with those fabrics. Good luck creating! xo m.


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