Sunday, April 11

Home Again

Binalong Bag

Hi there sorry it's been such a long time since my last post. Have you had a good Easter break? My family and I have had an adventurous time over the Easter break exploring the beautiful state of Tasmania. I didn't mention my holiday in my last post because I felt a bit uncomfortable putting it into blogland, I hope you understand. We came home today after a 21/2 week stay, 2500km later, forever grateful to have experienced such an adventure with my family, totally exhausted and happy to be home. Tonight I thought I would leave you with one of the many photos we took while we were away, and over the next week I'll share more happy snaps, hopefully I don't bore you too much:) I'm off now to get a bit rest before I have to get back into the daily routine which I'm actually looking forward too!

Catherine xo


  1. good to hear about your time away Catherine, well deserved I am sure.
    hope you have a good week & looking forward to more of your pics.

  2. Yay you are back!1
    Oh just gorgeous ! We are planning a TASSIE trip this year too!!!

    can't wait to see more photos!

  3. HELLO!!! Was just about to email you!! What a lovely time you must have had. Tassie is lovely! And yes, I too am looking forward to the routine returning lol! xox

  4. Good to see you back! So glad you and your family had a lovely holiday. We did a trip to Tasmania a few years back and drov around the island stopping at different places here and there. Was so much fun. Bet your girls had a wonderful time. I look forward to seeing your photos. P.S I'm a bit like you and don't like posting on my blog about trips until after I get home :)

  5. Welcome home!! We missed you and your lovely posts. Hope you had a restorative and loving time. xo m.


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