Wednesday, August 4

Birthday Craft

It's been a while since I have showed you any of my paper craft creations, my blog seems to be turning into a bit of a cooking blog! Not really but I seem to make things but forget to take a photo of them to share with you.

Last night I made a simple male card and a gift card holder. (sorry about the quality of the picture) For the gift card holder I used a blanket stitch all around to give it a rustic feel and then used the button to close up the holder, a little bit of decorating on the front and it was finished. I measured and pierced the holes in the card stock first before I stitched, making it easier to sew. I like to make presents if I can but I really struggle to come up with things to make for men and even buying gifts can be hard too so with a little help from his wife a gift card was what I settled on. Do you have any good ideas to make or buy for men?

This is a card I made with matching pillow box for my very good friend who celebrated her birthday a couple of months ago. I got the template for the box from my weekly stamping class but I found this great
tutorial with template that you could use if you want to make one for yourself. The flower I made using my punch and an old book from a second hand store. If you don't have a punch then another lovely idea is to tear circles and layer them to create a flower.

I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday. The weather here today is like Spring, warm but just right. Are you having good weather today?


  1. You've been very busy. I love your use of buttons and string.
    The weather here is the opposite, very wet and chilly. x

  2. Gorgeous Catherine! I love the colour combo in your "For You" card.

    I'm not good at buying for males either. I know though, the key to my hubby's heart is chocolate and/or icecream, preferably both!

  3. Lovely cards! I always enjoy seeing your creations. Those male cards are great. I always struggle with presents for men too. It's a gorgeous sunny day here today as well - hope you've managed to enjoy the sunshine x

  4. Catherine, they are fantastic!I find it difficult to find a nice male card - but these are great!!

  5. Hi Catherine, what a beautiful creation you have there... you are so imaginative, a gift card holder is so great, it just personalizes it so nicely!!
    Blokes are tricky aren't they? It always depends on the guy.. I buy things like screwdriver sets, or a brain teaser puzzle, or a bottle of somethig spesh.... my Hubby is a nightmare to buy for because he goes and gets what he wants before I get the chance!!
    Flick xx

  6. Your cards are lovely Catherine, I really llike the idea of the holder and the little pillow box too. As I looked at your new designs I got an urge to make some cards myself. Unfortunately it will have to wait for another day but thanks for the inspiration. xx

  7. Lovely card honey, i haven't made a card in weeks! I must resume my obsession - new SU cat coming out, might just be the medicine!

  8. Males are very tricky. I will often make some homemade bickies, or a bottle of homemade chutney or beetroot relish. Peter usually picks out a bottle of plonk to put with it too :)


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