Saturday, September 11


The last couple of days have been busy, a bit emotional but with a sense of relief that all is well, tiredness has kicked in. Everything is good, great in fact my hubby can finally see without his glasses after almost 20 years of wearing them. I'm happy it's over and I'm happy because he is now too:))

Today he had a check up in the city and there is a lovely shop that I just had to visit. Next Thursday at school they have challenged the children to have a waste free lunch box. I love a challenge and after getting tired of my girls insulated lunch boxes getting smelly even with daily cleaning I was ready to throw them out. So I headed to Biome today and decided to buy them one of these lunchboxes each. They are a bit of an investment but will be cleaner (no more smells), more environmentally friendly, safer plastic to use for the girls lunches and a sure winner for the challenge at school. They also had a bit of fun decorating them with three sheets of stickers included, they won't get their lunchbox mixed up with anyone else.

Did you have a lovely day? I hope so:) Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Great lunch boxes. Love the decorations!!

  2. Oh they look cool! Punk is going to start one day a week of daycare soon & I researched for ages online looking for something like this that did nae require packaging - the best I found was the planetbox from America (stainless steel) but it cost more to get it shipped here than the lunchbox itself! Heartbroken I kept looking, then I found the nude food range from SMASH, available at Woolies of all places... AWESOME! I want one for me! (Doesn't come with cool stickers though lol)

  3. I've also been eyeing these lunch boxes off... They are amazing and you are so right, totally an investment...

    Great to hear all went well with your DH and his eyes and that now your little family unit is happier for it...

    Jodie xx

  4. What a great challenge - there's always so much wasted packaging in school rubbish bins. Did you husband have laser eye surgery? How wonderful he doesn't have to wear glasses anymore.


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