Sunday, October 3

A Bit of Saturday Sewing

Today we had a little girl's 3rd birthday to go to. I asked her Mum for some guidance in the present idea department and she said to me clothes of any kind. Well I can do that I thought! With an already well used pattern and an idea, I made a sweet little outfit. It's a simple little skirt pattern, just two rectangles sewn together and a bit of elastic, so one skirt was made and a little applique top.

Miss 6 had a lovely time being the big girl and playing with the birthday girl. It was good for her to have the chance to be the older one since she has a big sister who likes to be the responsible one. So for a couple of hours there was lots of eating, swinging and playing party games. They played the egg and spoon race and had a sack race, it was so much fun to watch. I remember these games so vividly, I used to love playing musical chairs when I was younger. What was your favourite party game?

I hope that you have enjoyed your weekend. Today is our last day of holidays so my girls will be at school tomorrow and the house will be very quiet without them. Happy Monday to you.


  1. That sack race looks like fun. My daughter is turning 5 in December and is already talking about "What games are we going to play??" I'm getting a bit nervous about what cake she is going to request, lets hope it's a simple one :).

  2. There's nothing like good old party games - I used to love pass the parcel and musical bobs :) The gift you made looks lovely. Hope the house isn't too lonely tomorrow with the girls back at school x

  3. those sacks look like fun!!! and the banana milkshakes are always a hit at our place. Have a lovely week Catherine.

  4. Such a beautiful gift you have made Catherine, such a lucky little girl!! Love the pics of the sack races, how much fun:) Hope the girls have a good first day back at school tomorrow. Enjoy your Monday too. Hugs ~ Tina xx

  5. Pass the parcel was my favourite party game. I would have loved one of the skirts when I was little, so colourful and swirly. Charmaine

  6. Looks like your girls enjoyed the party. What fun:) The little top and skirt look great.


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