Tuesday, October 26

I was tagged!

My Halloween Disco Wristband

A while ago Jill over at Creating my way to Success tagged me with 8 questions and I haven't been very good at posting them so today I have finally gotten around to it, sorry:(

1. What is one thing you cannot stand?
When people don't use manners. I really feel it's important to always be thankful what what you have and what you are given. Being polite doesn't require too much effort, just a little bit of thoughtfulness.

2. If you could go back to your childhood what cartoon or t.v show would you pick to be your favourite?
I really used to enjoy watching the Smurfs and collecting the figurines too, Family Ties, Meet the Boss and Happy Days were some of my favourites too.

3. What's something you do or have done that would surprise a lot of people?
I tried to think of something exciting but I couldn't, very boring sorry..... but something I'd like to do is parasail.

4. Do you believe in ghosts?
I'm not sure but I do feel that there is more to this universe than what we can see.

5. When you go into a store what's your weakness, something you just can't help yourself buying more of?
I really enjoy buying craft books and yarn at the moment to go along with my new crafty hobby, crochet.

6. What's your funniest story you have on your significant other?
My hubby is a really helpful guy and will fold washing for me and even iron the girls school uniforms which I really appreciate. He does sometimes get a bit muddled up between size 6 and size 10 clothes though resulting in some funny clothes moments for the girls. Miss 11 one day came out of her room wearing size 5 trackies one morning and poor Miss 6 wore her sister's skort all day at school. She was hitching it up all day the poor sweetie. (My hubby was all ok with me sharing this with you too, he finds it funny too:)

7. What is your proudest moment of being a parent?
When I see my girls happy, knowing they enjoy life and when they are caring towards one another.

8. If you could go back and relive one day of your life which would you choose?
If I could go back it would be to see my Grandma again, just to spend more time with her and just talk.

I'd like to pass this tag onto some lovely new blog readers but ladies if you don't want to play along I don't mind:)

Bec from Memory Garden
Charmaine from Fairchildstreet
Sarah from One Perfect Day
Vic from Home Revolutions

Thanks Jill for the fun tag it's always interesting finding out a little bit about each other.

P.S. The above photo is totally unrelated to this post but I like to show you a picture to pretty things up. My Miss 6 made me this wrist band for the Halloween Disco on Friday night so I can go to it for free. I love it when she makes me crafty things:)

Have a wonderful Wednesday my friends:)


  1. I love this post. It's always great o learn more about you. I am starting to believe in ghosts. Every door is creaking in this new house. It's creeping me out! xo m.

  2. Lovely post. Like ecoMILF it is nice to learn something about the author of a blog. Thank you for including me. I will create one now. Cheers Charmaine.

  3. I really enjoyed that, Catherine. You've reminded I have to respond to two tags myself! Oh, and hubby is a star for doing the ironing. He and Mr PB should compare notes. J x

  4. Thanks for tagging me! I too love finding out a bit more about people, stuff you don't normally get to know! xx

  5. Such a gorgeous post Catherine! I think we share the same shopping weakness ;) Love your disco bracelet - have fun on Friday night!! ~ Tina xx

  6. So great to hear more about you and know you a little better. I really like your thoughts on manners and you are so right. It's just about being thoughtful and so many people aren't... Great to hear your husband is so helpful too. Mine is a great cook and I know how much I appreciate him. So funny the girls wearing the wrong sizes!! Love your arm band too. Pruxxx P.S. Love hearing how happy your girls are. That's the most important thing of all! Px

  7. Thank you for the tag...such a lovely post. I also loved the smurfs and can't get enough of craft books!


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