Saturday, November 6

Sorry it's been a while since I've been in this space and stopped by to visit all of you lovely ladies. I have been trying to find a balance between the everyday happenings and my thoughts of Christmas and school. I really like to plan things a lot and sometimes it can get all a bit too much especially when I over think so I'm just trying to get a little bit done at a time so things don't get too overwhelming. So I've been writing lots of lists and trying not to procrastinate;)

This week my Miss 11 headed to camp and came home very tired.

Our new kitchen cupboards were installed but they're still empty at the moment because we're not sure what to put in them yet.

Some one on one time with Miss 6 cooking chocolate self saucing pudding.

A lovely surprise parcel in the mail from Lauren at Owlet, a pay it forward gift which brightened my day.

A walk in the park with my favourite man just enjoying a beautiful spring day.

I'd love to hear about your week, I hope it was a happy one. Enjoy your Sunday:)


  1. A lovely post with lots of lovely things from your week. Your kitchen looks amazing - love the new cupboards - it will be fun putting things away and organizing everything in there. Glad your big girl enjoyed camp and that you got some one on one time with your other daughter. Enjoy your Sunday xx

  2. I was wondering how the pillowcase went at camp. Lovely cupboards I am sure they will be full in no time. A walk in the park with your man on a spring day is a wonderful thing to do. Charmaine

  3. Your kitchen looks lovely and the chocolate self saucing pudding...delicious!
    We had fun at Southbank last night for my birthday - we enjoyed a yummy dinner and gave the wheel ago - it was fun!

  4. I would love to go for a walk in that beautiful park, Catherine!
    Have a s w e e t Sunday. It's Saturday evening and I'm doubting should I take one last cup of tea or should I turn in right now. I think I'll take that last cup... OK?

  5. I think we are all in that crazy busy place right now, must be the time of year! Your kitchen cupboards looks fantastic.

  6. Gorgeous photos Catherine. I'm finding balancing my life a bit overwhelming at the moment too. It just seems like things are speeding up towards the end of the year. I hope you have a happy and calm week and get lots of things crossed off your list.

  7. Sounds to me like you are doing all the important and lovely things :)

    Your kitchen looks lovely!

  8. I'm right there with you on the balance/Christmas/overthinking things scenario. Let me know when you have nutted that one out and I'll 'take a leaf'!

  9. Hi Catherine, great shots! The kitchen looks awesome. Oh man, I'd love that space. Our original fibro has virtually a kitchenette! Enjoy filling those drawers. Glad Miss 11 had a great time. Did she enjoy her pillowcase? Hope she didn't get homesick. I totally understand the overwhelming feeling you're experience... I'm starting to feel it too... One step at a time. Gr8 to have your list going. What have you decided re: school etc. etc. I love that park, where is that? Great angles. Pruxxx

  10. Your kitchen looks great! have fun filling those cupboards! My kitchen was new and so well planned just 2 years ago, and now I need to reorganise and declutter already!!

    Lovely photos too! :)


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