Tuesday, December 14

Last weekend I went to my good friends baby shower.  I made her this simple little card and

a towel and washer set with a sweet bird applique on it but  forgot to take a photo to show you.  For a while now I have been wrapping up my presents in simple plain coloured paper or brown recycled paper, nothing too fancy but with some string or a bow I love how it looks.  When I was wrapping I thought I might add a bow this time and after some searching found this tutorial to make my own homemade bow. 

I used kraft cardstock but you could use old magazines, newspaper, or  old wrapping paper.  The cardstock was a bit stiff to use so I think a heavy paper would suit best.

Speaking of presents, last week I was lucky enough to be chosen as the winner of a giveaway over at Plushka's Craft

My sweet package was delivered to me on Saturday, the beautiful fabric and sweet fabric buttons were wrapped up in a red bow, it felt like Christmas, I felt very lucky.

My Christmas cards are in the mail today and tonight I'll be in front of my sewing machine hopefully finishing off a couple of presents for Christmas. What have you been up to today?

Thanks for stopping by and for all the new people who have joined my little blog I hope you enjoy visiting and I feel chuffed you've decided to stay.

Talk again soon.


  1. Cute card and presents. ♥

  2. Oh, lucky you for winning Katia's giveaway, Catherine! And I am seriously impressed at that bow. I'll have to look at that link. J x

  3. I wrap all gifts in either brown paper and twine or paper that my sons have painted/stamped and then a ribbon. I love that bow though!

  4. Lovely little blog. So nice to pop in... I like the idea of using magazines.. I have tonnes of those...

  5. Beautiful! And the font on your card is outstanding x

  6. I love the card - the decorative paper is really cute and the two sparkles add a nice touch. You're very clever making that kraft paper bow!

    I've just been to playgroup with Grace and today's task is to write out all my Christmas cards so they can be sent tomorrow hopefully. Enjoy the rest of your day x

  7. Yes, I did notice the bow Catherine! And the fabric you won is gorgeous, lucky you!!


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