Saturday, June 11

Saturday Snippets

Freshly poured apple juice and sliced apple made especially by the Little Girl.
A trip to the library, stocking up on a book recommended and some new ones to keep me looking at pretty projects on dull days.
Tomatoes on my window sill ripening, safe from the crows.
Hot chocolates.
Cupcakes cooked and iced.
And freshly picked boy choy from the garden to have with dinner, vegi patties and steamed rice.

How was your Saturday?  I hope your Saturday was a lovely one 


  1. Looks like you've had a wonderful Saturday, your bok choi looks great, ours are still seedlings. I love your little girl's afternoon tea, especially the little apple slices on the edge of each glass :) I've spent this morning browsing a few fabric shops with my friend and Grace hunting for fabric for a quilt I'm about to start. Paul is out tonight so a quiet one for me in front of the heater to stay cosy. I love having a new stack of library books to dive into - the crafting one and cooking for kids one look interesting. Let us know if any are winners x

  2. A lovely Saturday. We had friends over for lunch then went for coffee and a walk through a sculpture garden at a local gallery. Also knitted a couple more squares.

  3. A great way to spend the day! Those tomatoes look yummy, and the bok choy, cant beat homegrown!


  4. Lots of goodness here. Hope you have a lovely long w'end x

  5. Looks like a yummy day : )

  6. What a busy saturday you have had x Wow that bok choy looks delish...

    It's still lunch time here right now and we have just got back from ballet class. The little one is well fed on spag bol and now it's nap time so five minutes peace and possibly a bit of crafting for me now.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend x Leah

  7. What lovely treats! Have a great weekend :)

  8. Wow! I am seriously impressed with the produce from your veggie garden. As soon as the reno is finished I am going to get stuck back into mine. I feel very inspired after seeing your tomatoes! Nothing beats a homegrown tomato. x

  9. Can't believe you are still getting tomatoes from the garden! Mine finished months ago. Those cupcakes look delicious. And look at all that reading..lucky you :)

  10. Looks like a lovely start to the long weekend. I have creamy rice in the slow cooker and will soon pop a roast in the oven - YUMMM


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