Wednesday, August 1

How does your garden grow?

Mine grows with moss and weeds and snow peas!  This winter my garden has been growing slowly but quite well.  I'm not sure whether it was good timing, all the rain we had or all of the seaweed solution that I was diligent in using in the beginning, but so far most of the greens have been growing well.  Not all is well with the zucchini only the odd one is growing, the plants seem to be dying off a bit, a bad case of aphids I think.  The beans and snow peas are doing well despite my lax behaviour when it comes to building a trellis.  And I'm really looking forward to the weather warming up so we can harvest tomatoes, we've had lots of plants sprouting up all over the veggie patch so I'm hopeful as we love eating lots of salads. So at the moment we have growing
● tomatoes
● zucchini
● russian kale
● green mignonette
● cos
● sugar snap peas
● silverbeet
● beans
● broccoli
● celery
And just in case you think I was joking about the moss and weeds, I wasn't.  The moss is near the back of the house where it doesn't get much sun and the weeds, there are some serious weeds in some of the beds but I like to think that the keep the soil nice and moist, ready for me to get around to doing some more vegetable planting, soon....
Are you growing much in your garden this Winter?

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  1. Alas, I am a hopeless farmer but do grow a few herbs. Tell me what do you do with Russian Kale? Curious!

  2. Such a lovely garden. I haven't had much luck growing veggies. I usually stick with herbs because they are hardy and tolerate my lack of a green thumb well.

  3. Super envious of your fabulous garden!!! My husband is stillllllll building the garden beds, eventually we will get there! x

  4. Oh yummy! What delicious goodness you have growing this Winter! I have broccoli and parsley which is something at least, but lots and lots of weeds! :)

  5. Your garden is so very beautiful. Nothing better than having fresh produce right outside your door. One year my cousin in Michigan had zucchini like baseball bats. She shared with all the neighbors and one night they had zucchini party where they cooked up zucchini every way you can imagine. I'm lucky to have anything survive our summer heat. Have a beautiful evening. Tammy

  6. Looks fantasic. Do you keep it all under netting or anaything? I only ask because all my goodies get eaten.....and it's not by any humans! Hoping to get in there this weekend and get it thriving again :)

  7. Beautiful Catherine. I have been weeding, fertilising and planning. I have never had a veggie patch, this will be my first year. Very exciting and daunting at the same time :).

  8. Beautiful veggie garden, I'm jealous. We don't have much luck on the veggie, possums normally eat produce before we get to it. Have lots of herbs growing:)

  9. I can't believe how far ahead of us your garden is that looks like a summer garden!

  10. Our vegetable patch is actually looking quite full at the moment thanks to some rain and lots of things which have self-seeded. We have pak choi, baby spinach, lettuce and cherry tomatoes (although I wasn't sure it was the right time for these?) I want to add something which Grace can pick like beans or snow peas next - any suggestions?


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