Monday, September 3

(My Nan, Me and my Dad)
A Sunday celebrating the wonderful father's in our lives
Darling you're the best, the girls are so blessed to have such a patient and kind father in their life
A little celebration, morning tea for the big girl, with her family
Enjoying the sunshine and belated birthday gifts
The birthdays in our home are over for another year
We are all exhausted, in a good way though
I know I say this a lot but does it really have to be Monday already?
Did you enjoy your weekend?


  1. beautiful post. My favourite is you with your folks, lovely shot. Birthday season can be exhausting, but so worth it.

  2. Beautiful pics...looks like a wonderful father's day celebration

  3. There's a warmth that shines through in these pictures Catherine...just lovely

  4. It's really special having generations all together on special occasions. x

  5. Love the photo of you, your Nan and your Dad.

  6. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing your Father's Day with us all... love the looks of the candle making kit, what fun!


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