Tuesday, September 4

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The days seem to get away from me lately.  At this time in my life getting through daily life moments is taking more mental energy from me right now.  Being a mother to my teen daughters and helping them navigate life as well as me working through this new season has brought with it times of change.  Nothing that many other parents haven't faced I am sure but new to me to work through.  For now that seems to be consuming my mind which I am learning to let go off a little each day.  When you are so used to being your child's primary source of many things and then things change, as they should, it takes a period of adjusting.  They seem little for so long but really they aren't and before you know it they are grown with their own opinions and purpose and personality and boy can these new times be fun to watch them explore.  Anyway that's where I have been for a while now, I suppose that may explain my more haphazard blogging.  I know that seasons come and go, and I admit I miss my sweet little ones but life must change and so must they and so must I.  I hope all is well with you.

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  1. I am still going through all these feelings even though my eldest has been away from home for 5 years and my youngest for 2 years. I don't feel like a real mom anymore with them thousands of miles away. It really is a strange transition.


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