Wednesday, January 2

Happy New Year 2019!!

Hello to everyone who might stop by this little space of mine, welcome.  I really wanted to have this written up last night but I writers block and things took a bit longer to come to me.  It is really nice to be back here in this space, I have missed writing. It always felt good being here and expressing how I was feeling or what was happening in my life.  These days I don't write about my girls as they are much more grown up and I want to respect their privacy so posts will probably be a bit more about me and my interests. As I haven't been in this space I feel like I wasn't as focussed on my goals for 2018 but I really wanted to evaluate them like I always do.
1. I continued with my regular exercise until my daughter started school holidays.  I also maintained a yoga practice but only at home, I still haven't found a yoga teacher.  I continued loving my self help books and read many over the year, this year I will keep a track of what I have read and share at the end of the year.  I feel like I had better resilience in many areas of my life but found it difficult to bounce back with my feelings after having a car accident in my new car.
2. I was more attentive in my relationships with friends and family.  I rekindled a lovely friendship in which I had some wonderful catch ups and beautiful conversations.  As my girls are growing, my hubby and I have ended up having many more unplanned dates which has been a lovely change.
3. I did this goal of healthy eating well but the area I could improve would be at lunch to have prepared more and have a better selection of healthy, tasty options.
4. So I started well with my 365 project and got to September and lost my mojo which was a little sad and disappointing.  I did not buy a computer or rectify my storage or print photos.  I also did not do any courses.  I will rectify this, this year as I am keen to learn and get out a little more by myself and meet new people.
5. I was good with my computer/social media free Sunday.  I did find I was going into instagram for a minute during the day and looking on my phone so I will improve on this again in 2019.  I didn't however limit my computer time to one hour each night, some nights I didn't get it out but I will try and stick to the hour each day.

I was looking through some of my old blog posts for the new year to see what my chosen words for the year were.  Here are the words I have used in the past:
- Learn (2011)
- Strive (2012)
- Enjoy (2013)
- Achieve (2014)
- No word was chosen (2015)
- Focus (2016)
- Nurture (2017)
- Thrive (2018)
and the word I have chosen for 2019.... Abundance.  Abundance in health, personal development, education and in the home.  These are the goals I have set for each of these areas of my life for 2019.

* Establish a morning and evening routine.  Getting back into the habit of meditation outside of my room in a created space just for meditating.  Setting a specific time for bed in the evening allowing for one hour screen free before bed and reading time.
* Eat more greens.  Make smoothies and continue to eat nutritious foods that make me feel full of abundance.
* Exercise three times every week including yoga.  Go to a new yoga class and interact with new like minded people.
* Do something creative every day, crochet, cook, garden or photography.
* Set time aside weekly to pamper myself like a face mask etc.  Also this can include going to get a massage.
* To just do more and do less procrastinating.  Be organised and not worry about the time and effort required to get the job done, JUST DO IT.
* Read books on health, happiness and personal development.
* Do one course on photography and one course on sustainability.
* Enrol in a first aid and CPR course.
* Develop a routine for keeping my garden neat and tidy.  Allocate 30 minutes each day to water, weed or trim.
* Declutter each area of our home.
* Organise the pantry, removing the plastic and replacing it with glass.

Thank you for taking the time to come by and read my lengthy post.  Have you had a good start to the new year so far?  Have you written any new year's resolutions for yourself this year?


  1. Hello Catherine,
    It's been a long time since I stopped by your blog! Blogland just isn't what it used to be, is it? I still enjoy stopping by blogs though and always appreciate it when other comment on mine.
    I'm sorry to hear that you had a car accident, that would be hard to move past.
    Your resolutions sound great, some of them are things that I plan to do, too. (Although not specifically this year, just ongoing things that I find I need to stay on top of, like going to bed at a decent hour!).
    I hope you have a wonderful New Year,
    Sarah x

  2. Hi Catherine! I have missed writing too, and heading back to the blog this year. I am so happy to see you are still here too! I love Abundance - a spectacular word. I found last year those little morning rituals made a big difference to my outlook - such a great thing to have. All is going well here, about to dive into study. Last year was big emotionally, and quietly I am hoping this year is a bit more smooth sailing. I've written about my word for the year too - truth. Hope you are great, and look forward to connecting more x


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