Saturday, July 26

206/365 'Ta dah'

My day started early, 6am to be exact, my big girl has decided to play netball so she was off on a bus to do her thing.  I was in shock I tell you that time of the morning is way to early for me  on a Saturday morning.  If I had the choice I would sleep in late but at the same time I really love the quiet beauty of the early morning too, but too often my bed time is late so I'm not so eager for the early morning start. I wish had  taken my camera with me, the sunrise made the prettiest pink and orange sky.  
So onto my photos....I finished my cowl today, yeah!! A project just for me and just in time before Winter ends so I will at least be able to wear it for a few weeks.
 And the baby blanket has been finished.  I had finished the knitting some time ago but hadn't sewn in the ends until today.  I am so happy this is complete within plenty of time before my friend's baby arrives in September.  Now the temptation to start a new project is great but I am going to go back to this one, the one that has been on the go for ummm a few years now.  I am hoping this new motivation will see me finishing it this Winter, I am going to give it a go.
I hope you are enjoying your Saturday.  The clouds have arrived here, sadly no rain has come with them yet and my girls are nattering away in the kitchen while making brownies, my perfect kind of day.  
I'm joining Ginny today for her Yarn Along.

Friday, July 25

201-205/365 'This Week'

It was time to celebrate the man of the house this week.
Dinner last night Sweet Chilli Chicken Stir fry with noodles.
On my beside table, birthday cards to enjoy for the week before they get put away.
We have had the most delightful winter days, I have to say though a few grey days wouldn't go astray too to help green up things again sadly the yard is close to turning to dirt with the lack of rain this winter.
My cowl. I am so close to finishing it now, I'm thinking it should be ready to wear next week.  I chose this yummy yarn in moonstone to make my cowl.  I had thought about using  Quince and Co yarn but couldn't justify the cost besides I am much happier buying locally and the yarn is lovely to work with.

How has your week been?  Have you been getting some lovely winter rain?

Sunday, July 20


Well another week has flown by already, the last week of school holidays for us.  To tell you the truth I can't remember what we really got up to this past week. There was a day out to have lunch and buy things for the man of the house who will be celebrating a birthday very soon. I had to do the usual things like housework and grocery shopping. There was the triumph of finishing the garter stitch blanket except for weaving in the ends and then I started my cowl which took me a bit to get my head around knitting in the round.  I did learn to do a long tail cast on and so did Miss 10 who also mastered knitting, learnt to cast off, pearl, do a rib and moss stitch, I am proud.  There was a lovely finish to the holidays though, today I celebrated my birthday.  I have just one more year and there will be a milestone to celebrate, oh dear. My family all met down by the water, a spot we all are fond of.  It was hard too, not having my Dad with me for the first time in my life to celebrate my special day... I know he would have enjoyed today had he been here but I know he was in spirit.  
I have much to be so grateful for, another year on this beautiful earth, another year wiser, another year spent with those I love, another year watching my family grow and flourish.
Have a beautiful week my friends. 

Monday, July 14


My girls have one more week at home so we took a trip to the art gallery to meet with friends and enjoy some time together before they make a big move away.  It will be sad to see them go but they have new adventures ahead of them and wish them much happiness.  Come walk around the art gallery with me.  There was a new installation called Harvest that we all enjoyed exploring and admiring the enormity of one particular painting and the detail of the displays.  It isn't always an outing met with a lot of excitement but I think it is good to expose the girls to different things knowing their appreciation will grow with time.  What have you been up to today?