Saturday, November 22

324-326/365 'Caroling'

Christmas has well and truly arrived here.  Miss 10 had her schools yearly carols and boy was she super excited to be dressing up with as many Christmas accessories as she could find, bells, tie, earrings and hat.  It was a lovely night, just the right amount of breeze offered a cool change after the hot day we had. We stood beside friends and together watched our girls perform singing with smiles on their faces.  I will miss this next year for they are moving away, it's hard saying goodbye to good people but so grateful to have had them in our lives.  

Wednesday, November 19

318-323/365 'Life this week'

Hello and happy Wednesday everyone. How has your week been? I've had my oldest home for the last couple of days unwell, she's feeling much better today though which is good as exams are starting tomorrow. I bought myself some peonies when I went grocery shopping Monday, one day though I'd like to grow my own flowers. It has been so dry here lately, the sky was dark and grey today, there was thunder but hardly a drop fell here.  I am really missing the green grass, I'm hoping we get enough rain to green things up in time for Christmas. I have plants waiting for me to put into the garden, thankfully they are still alive, I am watering them at least. There's been a bit of crafting going on lately.  I've started my Christmas cards, not quite sure about the design yet I think I need to change it up a bit, it's looking a little too clean and simple... There's been some Christmas making too, another little bag for my friends daughter and a little handmade gift for my girl.  On her Christmas list she has requested a handmade gift from me, she is so cute.  There's been lots of relaxing too with homework done for Miss 10, so she has been reading up a storm.
If you are after some inspiration for dinner I made this Pumpkin, Lemon and Broccoli Risotto, it's super yummy.
Enjoy the rest of your week. 

Thursday, November 13

314-317/365 'Playing with my macro'

Two baby willy wag tails we saw come out from their nest.
A pretty flowered plant given to me by my Nan.
Ants crawling on my mint plant.  It is so very very dry here and they are desperate for some water.
 We were lucky to have had two kingfishers nest in a tree next door until I found one dead yesterday.  I was so upset to find it.  I haven't seen the other one since..
 We had a light shower of rain overnight so took the opportunity to take photos of the water droplets that covered the leaves on the ground.
A blanket of jacaranda flowers.
 A water droplet covered jacaranda flower.
 A fly.
 Looking through the wire at one of my chooks.

Sunday, November 9


How has your weekend been?  Have you been exploring? Has the weekend already finished??? Today we decided to do a bit of exploring.  Our first stop in our exploring was a visit to the Northey Street Organic Markets. I have always wanted to visit but because of distance I haven't until today and it didn't disappoint.  We came home with lots of fruit and vegetables, not all I needed for the week ahead as I didn't go with a list unfortunately I wasn't quite that organised but what I did buy will all be eaten I'm sure of that.  If we are in the area again I will certainly stop by everything I need from fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy was all there. The Finders Keepers Market was on this weekend also, just down the road from the organic markets so that was our next stop.  I missed out earlier in the year so I knew I wanted to get there this time. There was so many beautifully made products, so much choice.  I did come home with a little bracelet for myself from a lovely shop I had been admiring for a while from Once Was Lost. My youngest miss bought herself some earrings and a Christmas tag for her teacher from Paper Boat Press. It was a really lovely day spending time with my family on such a sunny Sunday.  We came home later and just relaxed except for Molly who was very happy and keen to play ball.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend and may your week be a good one too.