Sunday, July 20


Well another week has flown by already, the last week of school holidays for us.  To tell you the truth I can't remember what we really got up to this past week. There was a day out to have lunch and buy things for the man of the house who will be celebrating a birthday very soon. I had to do the usual things like housework and grocery shopping. There was the triumph of finishing the garter stitch blanket except for weaving in the ends and then I started my cowl which took me a bit to get my head around knitting in the round.  I did learn to do a long tail cast on and so did Miss 10 who also mastered knitting, learnt to cast off, pearl, do a rib and moss stitch, I am proud.  There was a lovely finish to the holidays though, today I celebrated my birthday.  I have just one more year and there will be a milestone to celebrate, oh dear. My family all met down by the water, a spot we all are fond of.  It was hard too, not having my Dad with me for the first time in my life to celebrate my special day... I know he would have enjoyed today had he been here but I know he was in spirit.  
I have much to be so grateful for, another year on this beautiful earth, another year wiser, another year spent with those I love, another year watching my family grow and flourish.
Have a beautiful week my friends. 

Monday, July 14


My girls have one more week at home so we took a trip to the art gallery to meet with friends and enjoy some time together before they make a big move away.  It will be sad to see them go but they have new adventures ahead of them and wish them much happiness.  Come walk around the art gallery with me.  There was a new installation called Harvest that we all enjoyed exploring and admiring the enormity of one particular painting and the detail of the displays.  It isn't always an outing met with a lot of excitement but I think it is good to expose the girls to different things knowing their appreciation will grow with time.  What have you been up to today?

Saturday, July 12


A sketch made by Miss 14.  It's lovely to see her draw again, she loved doing it all the time when she was younger.
It's the first time I've owned flannelette sheets and boy do they make a difference.
Knitting needles to make a cowl for myself.
A sunny Saturday down by the river for an easy lunch and a walk.

How have your holidays been?

Tuesday, July 8


Heavy photo post ahead.
Sorry it's been so long since I've been here I can't quite believe a week has almost gone.
I think I may have missed out a photo for Saturday, I'm not quite sure what we did oh yes I 
remember we did the housework so not many photo worthy moments that day.
But I do have lots of photos to share of our little getaway so hopefully that makes up for the missing Saturday photo.  The four of us + Molly loaded the car with all our things and made the drive down south to Byron Bay.  We found a home among the hills a short drive south of Byron, with views to the ocean, cows and horses as our neighbours, just tucked away from the road.  When we drove up the driveway we couldn't quite believe we had such stunning views all to ourselves. Over the next couple of days we explored Broken Heads beach, Lennox Head, Ballina, Newrybar, Bangalow and Brunswick Heads.  We saw whales and visited lighthouses. We walked the beach as the sun set when the sand was as cold as ice.  We sat by the beach by park light and had fish and chips entertained by a fire performer. We ate at different places and  now love raw pizza, I might just need to buy myself a dehydrator.. It really was a great time, time to be together, time to try new things, to visit and explore new places and to leave the routine of home life behind.  
 Our first beach walk, brrr it was cold.
 Beach selfies
 Broken Head
 It doesn't matter that it was cold, she still waded in the water.
 Our first sunset.
 Lennox Head
 She needed new shoes and fell in love with these sparkly ones bonus for me is that they were on sale.
 Walking down to to the edge but not too close, Lennox Head.
 Looking down towards Ballina.
 We visited where the make Thursday Plantation products and brought a few home with us.
 My cow friend.
 Sunset Byron Bay.
 Byron Bay lighthouse.
 Sunset Byron Bay.
 Sunrise this morning, then I jumped back into bed.
 Some new reading material which I haven't sat down to read yet.
Brunswick Heads, such a lovely beach spot that we could all enjoy.

I have to say this was one of my favourite holidays, I am so glad that things fell into place.
Winter in Australia is just perfect.