Wednesday, August 20


Lovingly grown and picked for dinner.

Tuesday, August 19


'Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.'
Henry Ward Beecher

Monday, August 18


Well hello there how have you been?  So here we are it's Monday again and the week that was has flown by.  We finally saw some rain here at the beginning and end of the week which was welcome I have to say.  A little more rain would be good just to really green up the lawn but the water tank is full again so the garden will continue to get plenty of watering so I am very grateful.  I have been keeping the water up to the garden so we have lots of lovely herbs, lettuce, some peas, carrots, spinach, broccoli and cherry tomatoes to go and pick.  My Miss 14 will soon be 15 so I've been organised and made her a card now I just need to buy a gift, the hardest part for this age group.  My little one has taken a leaf out of her Mum's book and has been knitting up a storm or should I say a scarf for her cousin who turns 2 soon, so cute. I finally finished the crochet blanket for our bed!!!! After 3 years it is complete and just in time to use before things warm up.  And August yes I did treat myself, a new lens to use.  I  now have all the lenses I need to start taking photos, now I need to decide on a business name, oh and take the leap and photograph people I'm getting there.....

Happy Monday my friends.

Sunday, August 10

221/365 'Ten on the Tenth'

With Ten on the Tenth falling on a Sunday I just knew I needed to try and give it a go.
So here is my Sunday in pictures.

Weekend juicing ingredients.
Miss 10 and Molly enjoying the sun and practicing yoga.
A break for morning tea.
It was time to hang out the washing.
Searching the internet for words of wisdom to share with a friend.
My Mum visiting, sharing with us tales of her first overseas adventure. I am so proud and happy for her.
I made us all some scones to enjoy for afternoon tea and they didn't taste too bad if I do say so.
Molly enjoying a game of fetch with one of her new balls.
Ironing duty on a Sunday afternoon.
Another super moon.

Thank you for popping by to visit.