Sunday, October 19

278-292/365 'Lately'

Hello.  I am so sorry for my absence I'm hoping you are still all here....
How have you all been? I'm pretty good, my girls have settled back into the school year and there is lots going on.  I've been crocheting gifts, making cards, baking new things, helping and visiting my Mum, gardening, thinking about Christmas and just life. So here's a little catch up in photos of life right now.
 A pretty sunset.
 A homegrown capsicum.
 I love love this raw chocolate.
 Face painting, I love how she still enjoys getting it done.
 A card for my mother in law.
 A succulent all wrapped to give as a gift.
 Lots and lots of threads.
 Lunch, organic bread, fried in coconut oil an egg, spinach and cherry tomatoes all home grown (except the bread).
 Another crochet bag.
 A gift card to go with the crochet bag.
 My Mum's new puppy, Zorro.
Flowers, flowers and more flowers.
 My Nan's dog Wally.

Sunday, October 5

275-277/365 Scenes of Sunday

We have just one more day of holidays so what better way to finish them off then to go to the beach.  The beach is a long drive for us so we make a good day of exploring while we are in the area.
We took a trip to the markets first, then it was time for the beach.
Just a quick visit at the beach, a walk, then off to lunch a surprise discovery I made during my internet searching. Then onto another place to explore, I love doing this with my family, this is what memories are made of...

Thursday, October 2

272-274/365 'Last week of holidays'

 How has your week been so far? We've had a good week here doing bits and pieces.  I've been doing some baking, taking my big girl to training, catching up on filing and doing a good amount of spring cleaning which has felt really good.  The girls and I did a game of bowling which I had hoped was going to be fun but not so much for one of us, oh well you win some and you loose some in my case you have to try though. And then a there was wander around our beautiful city gardens and then onto Southbank.  Ahh holidays I do love you, no routine, no time clock to adhere too and I do love resting and getting my energy back, ready for the next term.  I hope you have been enjoying your school holidays.

Saturday, September 27

271/365 'Scenic Saturday'

Thank you for all of your beautiful words on my last post, we really had a lovely night out together just the two of us.
My hubby and I were lucky enough to have some more time together today, a belated anniversary celebration. I am so grateful to my mother in law who enjoys having the girls allowing us to be able to have time together. We sat together, had the most delicious brunch and really felt like adults. We took a walk along the newly opened river walk and then visited Newfarm Park (where we married 16 years ago). It was good to get some alone time and to soak up the beautiful spring weather. 
Have you had a beautiful Saturday?
Enjoy your Sunday.