Sunday, September 20


As a gift for our 40th birthday we were given a whale watching adventure.  The tickets were just for the two of us but we thought it would be much more fun going on an adventure with the girls.  So we all got up early for us, on Sunday morning and drove to the coast to board the boat for our cruise.  Now I have to confess I am not a big fan of going out on boats at all.  Once when we were in Perth on holiday, we went over to Rottnest Island on a day that was lets say not ideal to go out on the water.  The boat we went on was the last to go out on the water and the swell was 6 meters high!!!  So when we walked on board and were told we should take sea sickness tablets I kind of freaked out as you can imagine.  Thankfully the swell was not nearly that high and I did have some moments on the way out but everything worked out well.  We saw five whales, some breached and some waved.  We saw a mother with her calf and a juvenile escort to help protect them on their journey south.  It was freezing out there on the boat and back on land with the odd sprinkle of rain.  We didn't let it dampen our day out though and afterwards enjoyed fish and chips for lunch before making the trek back home.  It really was a great day out together, sharing experiences and chatting always.  I hope that we always go on adventures together even when the girls grow up and become adults.

Tuesday, September 15

Family and Friends

Gee the weekend flew by again and in a flash it was the start of a new week. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, it's the last week of school before holidays yay! Saturday was my hubby and my 17th wedding anniversary.  We got some time together and went out for lunch and a show, bliss.  Then come Sunday it was a birthday celebration for my little niece who loves Frozen.  It was a great time sitting and chatting and eating way to much food.  Although we were tired Miss 11 and I were invited  to come and meet my neighbours new puppy.  He is adorable and very cuddly, next visit we might bring Molly along for a little introduction. Night came and it was time to go home and get ready for the week ahead.
Have a fantastic week everyone.

Tuesday, September 8

Father's Day

For Father's Day this year I asked my hubby what he wanted to do for his special day. I thought he might have chosen the beach but instead he came up with a drive to the country, Mt Barney National Park.  It's been on his list of things to do for a while he said....mmm.  So as requested we made the drive to Mt Barney which was pretty good till we got to the dirt road, I really don't like dirt roads much.  Anyhow we set up the bbq and had some lunch before we made the drive to our second destination for our walk.  It wasn't any kind of walk it was a 8.2km walk and a grade 4 track so lots of steep hills and slowly going down, crossing a little creek and climbing through rocks.  Lucky it was Father's Day and well it was nice to be outdoors together too so it was a good day.

I hope you enjoyed your Father's Day too.

Monday, September 7

Happy 16th Birthday

My first born my how much she has grown into a beautiful young woman I am so proud of.  All of those years of teaching and learning I can see as I watch her make her way through life making good choices for herself.  I am so looking forward to watching her grow and enjoy her life and I feel so grateful to be a part of her journey, to be her Mum.
Happy Birthday darling.