Tuesday, September 23

268/365 'Today looked a little like this'

Baking these.
Miss 10 helping with the washing up afterwards.
Molly outside with her very long hair blowing in the wind.
On this windy day washing doonas and doona covers.
Looking at the growing paper flowers Miss 10 planted.
My little lemon tree growing ever so slowly and noticing a little touch up painting needed on my little home.
Watching busy little bees doing their work.
Miss 10 painting her nails, her holiday ritual.
Fresh linen on the bed always looks lovely.
Spring is here.

Monday, September 22

267/365 'Have you ever been in an ad'

Here pom pom creation
The anemone flower open
She is still buzzing after this morning
The crafting aftermath 

 Today marked the first day of holidays for us here.  Miss 15 wanted to go to training and although it wasn't my ideal start to the day (I had visions of a sleep in today) I took her.  Miss 10 and I headed out to do our usual grocery shopping while she was training.  With list in hand we wandered around and noticed a camera crew videoing staff serving customers.  Miss 10 wanted to go over to get into the ad, me not so much.  We joked as we walked around about looking our best just incase never did I think that we would be actually in the ad.  So minding our own business we were doing our shopping when we got approached to be a part of the ad. Oh dear being in an ad when I was a child I would have jumped at the chance but as an adult not so much.  I wasn't keen at all but Miss 10 definitely was so I gave it a go anyway.  I was asked questions, we wandered around crossing groceries off the list, doing lots of smiling, having the camera in front of us and behind us, watching us pay and follow us to the car and as a special bonus my trolley of groceries was paid for by them!!!  We may or may not be in the ad who knows, there might just be a snippet of us shopping,  but if you see it try not to giggle too much, I know I'll have to try not to giggle. So today I learnt to go out of my comfort zone that's for sure which even if nothing else I'm glad I did it and smile a lot when I'm shopping!

Sunday, September 21


 My anemone flower closing up as the day draws to a close.
I loved our may bush when I was little, picking little bunches of flowers pretending they were posies. So when I spotted one at Bunnings last weekend I treated myself and bought one.
Sunset bokeh.
Playing in the backyard, these are two always mucking about and keeping busy.
Molly really wishing she could play.
Miss 10 busy busy making pom poms.

Wednesday, September 17


I have been waiting with anticipation for this flower to reveal itself to me (it's my first successful bulb to grow), but I must be patient, growth takes time. 
Yesterday I got to meet with a wonderful lady, we chatted about children and life. She shared her wisdom with me, encouraged me to believe in myself.  I am so grateful for blogging, for the connections with like minded people I have made and the sharing of knowledge and the support.  Thank you for the chat lovely Tahnee, I look forward to the next time we catch up. 
Miss 10 had ball games today, it was perfect weather for being outside.  She did so well zooming around her team, throwing and catching the ball. She came home with two blue ribbons I will put away later for safe keeping.