Saturday, April 4

Some Easter Treats

Hello everyone I hope that you are all enjoying your weekend so far my has been relaxing and productive at the same time. My family and I went to the movies today to see Monsters vs Aliens which we all enjoyed, a good movie for both adults and the children. Later on I went to visit Spotlight (my new favourite shop) to pick up a hot glue gun and got to work on some hair clips for some Easter gifts. They get so much chocolate that I decided to make a couple of things and limit the amount of chocolate I gave out so everyone will be happy. Thanks for visiting. Talk to you again soon. Bye!

Smiles Catherine

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  1. OMG they all look so pretty and great!! You have been very busy! I have made just a couple of things, nothing like yours though :( I was at Spotlight today too! And I see they have a big sale tomorrow..... I'm sure I DO need something...


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