Wednesday, June 24


Hello there everyone. Gee I can't believe I have finally motivated myself to post in the morning, usually I am a night time poster but today I have the finished baby presents to show you, all except one. Because my friend doesn't know what she will be having I stuck to green, orange and white getting the inspiration from some Kaiser baby paper. This is my first tag book and I have to say at first I was a bit daunted by the idea of doing it but once I got started the ideas just kept on flowing. (thank goodness all those magazines have come in handy, lol) I also kept the theme going by covering a tin bucket I found at Spotlight with some paper and ribbon, maybe it will come in handy later on and a nice way to give a gift. I plan on making a bib, putting in some little socks, the tag album and also the newspaper. I know the newspaper doesn't seem like the best gift but when the baby grows up they will know what happened in the world back when they were born. Hope you like the pictures, talk to you soon. Bye!

Smiles Catherinex


  1. That's a gorgeous mini tag album, the felt really makes it - so soft and perfect for a baby.

  2. Hey! I seemed to have missed this! It looks so cute, and the felt is a great touch for a baby!


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