Thursday, July 2


Today I thought I would share some random pictures of the last couple of days at home on holidays. My Miss 9 just loves to collect recipes and also to cook so I thought we would keep busy in the kitchen the other day. We whipped up a recipe from her collection called Ginger Coconut Slice and a good old favourite chocolate cake.

And other than all the learning and building confidence for later in life both for when they go to high school and move out of home that cooking does offer, licking the beaters of course.

One of the things I like about cooking is knowing what is going into my cooking. When I pick up a packet of biscuits and see ingredients in there that I don't know then I just don't really want them to eat it, they are just so full of chemicals. When we moved to a house with a bit of space I always wanted to get chooks, not only do I love having them as pets but I love the fresh eggs that they give us each day which go back into our cooking.

And today we have had the lovely company of my friend come over for lunch today which the girls both loved and happily made some gifts to give her when she arrived. After being full and contented the girls are having fun playing together in the cubby house, which is lovely to see.
I hope that you are having a lovely day to. I'm now off to get some dinner into the slow cooker and do some craftiness with my girls. I bought some print blocks for the girls so we could try our hand at making some of our own stamps after being inspired by Mel and her children, I will keep you posted on our progress. Talk to you again soon.

Smiles Catherine xox

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