Sunday, July 5

Some Monster Softies!

Today I thought that we would have a bit of fun and try our hand at sewing. I have been looking through the Australian Homesewn Magazine and thought after seeing how Mel used felt to create one that it would be perfect for my girls. My Miss 5 is still a little bit young but she had a go at sewing on a button and did well for her first go and Miss 9 did pretty much all of the sewing on her own. So today she learnt to back stitch, sew on a button, do blanket stitch and also how to concentrate for a long period of time and stick with something with a fantastic result. I am really proud of what she has achieved, you did a great job today sweetie! So I have a photo of the girls with their respective monsters and a photo of the little monsters on their own. Miss 5 has named her monster Millie and Miss 9 has named her monster Cooshie. Thank you for stopping by, hope you have had a good weekend too!

Smiles Catherinexox.


  1. Great job girls!! We too are making Zets for all. Great project. xox

  2. Oh my goodness, they look so lovely and cute!!
    How gorgeous are your girls too!!


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