Wednesday, July 8

What are you up to this Wednesday?

My Miss 9 wanted to make some patty cakes today so she could give them to one of the swimming teachers this afternoon after she had shown him her cookbook and promised she would make him something. So we made some quick and easy patty cakes from my old and trusty Day to Day cookery book that I have had since high school.

They turned out well and she had fun colouring the icing and choosing the decorations.

My Miss 5 has wanted to paint her face and knowing this is a messy activity tried to put it off until holiday time, and today ended up being the day that she has fun creating her own painted face. This is her first face that she created, a clown I think. And this is the third a cat, the second was a gate but that has already been washed off.

I hope you are enjoying your Wednesday!

Smiles Catherinexox


  1. Hi Catherine,

    love popping into your blog. your holidays look like ours! Lots of cooking and craft...

  2. Hi Catherine,
    Your daughter's cupcakes look great and I bet they taste yummy lol!
    Looks like your all having a wonderful time during the school holidays!

    Take Care,
    Kylie X


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