Wednesday, August 5

Friendship Bracelets

Do you remember when you were in school and you made friendship bracelets? It was a craze for a while for me and I had heaps of fun making them. The version that I have made is quite basic but I found this pack of fluro embroidery floss and thought that the girls would love these in their party bags. Believe it or not after all this time I still remember how to make the bracelets but you can find a tutorial here that will be helpful if you want to give them a try. I made bracelets of four strands of floss at about 60cm, put a knot at the top, stuck it down with sticky tape on my coffee table and away I go. I have seven to make, but they really don't take long to make and then onto some other gifts for the party girls. See you again tomorrow.There is still some time to enter in the blog candy giveaway!

Smiles Catherine xox

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  1. Catherine, thankyou so much for posting the link for this, I can't wait to make a few with Bella soon.
    P.S. Hopefully your goodies should arrive soon :)


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