Saturday, October 10


How was your Saturday? Mine was spent with family having a bit of a celebration and shopping for some pretty fabric at this shop. There was so many pretty fabrics to choose from so it was hard to decide but with two skirts and a bag to make I had to buy something. I also walked out with a bag pattern too, so now I need to start sewing!
Today I thought I would show you something that I get to see each night that fills the night sky and that is bats. We have a small nature reserve near our home that has been a home to a bat colony for many years. It looks quite effective against the sky at sunset, this was my first attempt at a night photo, click to enlarge for a closer look. Enjoy your Sunday!

Smiles Catherine xox


  1. We have bats too and I always feel good about seeing them or possums at night...ok hearing the odd bush rat is not so good feeling provoking, but living near a river you get that!

    You guys are really lucky being soooo close to nature!
    How are the girls? ready for school and regular stuff?

    Can't wait to see the bag!

  2. Bats!?!?! I think that would freak me out but... awesome pictures!! :)


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