Friday, October 9


I promised you the other day that I would show you some of my favourite things that are green. The first are these lovely pieces of untouched broccoli, the last that remained after the caterpillars had enjoyed the rest. There was no hints of any caterpillars hidden in the broccoli that I had grown all by myself, gee I was so proud to have successfully grown a larger type of vegetable. I had planted half a dozen of the broccoli, I cut the two healthy remaining broccoli and took them upstairs, looking forward to giving them to my family. I washed them and started to cut them up. I had pretty much finished cutting up the broccoli and had them sitting in the steamer ready to cook when I came to cutting another piece off and to my surprise here was a green caterpillar. I thought I had better check the rest of the broccoli before I cooked it to serve to my family and there were at least six caterpillars in the broccoli. I was pretty shocked because I didn't see them they were so camouflaged and because I was going to give my family this lovely healthy dinner of broccoli and green caterpillars! I cleaned the broccoli again and threw out the pieces with the caterpillars on it and steamed up some of the remaining but all we ended up eating was a piece each at the table ever so gingerly, it was really funny and it did taste nice the little bit we ate.(lol)

My other favourite bit of green I enjoy looking at each day would have to be these beautiful rainbow lorikeets. They stop by to visit my feeder each day and they always make me smile.

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Smiles Catherine xox

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