Wednesday, November 4

Thank you Retromummy!

Today I was lucky enough to get a lovely parcel in the mail from Retromummy filled with some beautiful bamboo and cotton to knit with, pretty knitting needles and two hair clips. Thank you so much Corrie for these lovely gifts and for the extra special hair clips that my Miss 10 has been wearing in her hair since I gave them to her, they are very sweet. Corrie had a little giveaway on her blog and I needed to give her a joke for her little girl Keira. My Miss 10 collects jokes and writes them in her book and when I saw this joke I thought it would be perfect: What does Ariel put on her toast for breakfast? Mermalade! A cute joke and perfect for a little girl. That's about all my news for today, I was a bit motivated and went and bought more things to make Christmas presents so when I have made something I will surely show you.

Have a good night whatever you get up to!

Smiles Catherine xox


  1. Lucky you - a beautiful gift! Looking forward to seeing what you are making!

  2. Score!! Great prize and very funny joke hehe xox

  3. I love those knitting needles, lucky you! the clips are gorgeous.


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