Saturday, January 2

A Tip for sewing beginners.

Miss 5 has a birthday party to go to next Saturday and since I'm loving being crafty and also a bit braver when it comes to giving handmade pressies to friends, I thought I would sew her a dress. As I'm a bit of a beginner sewer I thought I would stay safe and pick a pretty simple dress and I came across this McCall's pattern. So I was buying the pattern and having a chat to the lady at Spotlight and talking about not wanting to cut up the pattern when she gave me a great tip, buy some cheap iron on interfacing and use it as tracing paper you now have the size you want to make and still all the other sizes, as an added bonus you have some iron on interfacing in the cupboard when you need some, pretty good! Now I just have to go and copy the pattern and start a bit of sewing.:) Catch you later.

Smiles Catherine xox


  1. Great idea! Can't wait to see the finished product. Love your new years goals below. I am definitely with you- I need to start going to bed earlier too. From the little one's bedtime on, it feels like a mad rush to get a thousand things done. 10:30pm lights out would be magical, wouldn't it? xo m.

  2. Hi Catherine, good luck with the dress! Good on you for making it! Its in line with a goal of yours down in that last post. Great goals BTW.


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