Sunday, January 3

Beachy Break

Today was the last day of my hubby's holidays so we decided to go for a day trip to the beach. The weather was not looking the best but we thought we would try anyway and decide what to do when we get there if the weather wasn't shining. It rained on the way down but when we arrived it was cloudy and warm so we were ready to give the beach a go. I have been to Kingscliff many times when I was young, each weekend my Nan and Pop would take my brother and I on a Friday night to stay in their caravan, buy us fish and chips then take us back home on Sunday. It has changed a bit since then, everything seems much smaller than what I remember, isn't it funny how that happens. Anyway I had to have a walk past the shops and see what there was to offer and there were some little gems I have to say. A book shop with some great finds, something for me, something for Miss 5 for her birthday and something for my mother in law for mother's day.{getting organised ;)} There was also a shop that sold lovely eco friendly products so I bought myself an aluminium drink bottle. If you are in the neighbourhood it's worth a little stop by to Kingscliff. I hope you had a good Sunday too!

Smiles Catherine xox


  1. Glad you had a nice day trip and that you found some goodies while you were there. I think it's a really clever idea to buy birthday presents when you see them and put them aside. Love your new year's resolution list. Looking forward to seeing the results of your sewing projects.

  2. Hey Catherine... I am playing catch up again! I hope soon (after a couple of card calls end) that I will be able to stay more caught up! Your beach trip sounds like it was nice. i would love to go to the beach again soon!


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