Tuesday, April 20


We have a bit of a dilemma in our family at the moment and thought I would ask for your opinion to help make the decision a bit easier. My girls have wanted a dog for a long time but I have put it off for a few reasons we already have a persian cat who is now 15 years old and I didn't really want to cause her too much stress because she is old after all. The other reasons were that puppies are so very cute, I know, but they are alot of work and also without a side fence the puppy might get out onto the road. So my hubby has built a side fence now so the puppy can stay around the back and away from my cat so she won't be disturbed, my daughters have assured me they will be feeding and tidying up after the puppy so now there really isn't a reason for me to say no. The problem we are having is what dog to buy? We have narrowed the options down to a Moodle (Maltese/Poodle cross) or a Bichon Frise and then do you choose a female or a male? The reason for these two dog breeds is that they are a small dog which we wanted for the girls and they don't malt hair. They are both such cute dogs the girls really wouldn't mind what we picked but I don't know which one. So what do we choose? I'd love to hear what you think, so here are a couple of pictures to help you along.

MoodleBichon Frise

Talk to you soon.
Catherine xo


  1. we are going throught the same thing at the moment. I spent a lot of time doing research yesterday. The boys are almost 4, almost 6 and 7, we think they are old enough for a puppy. We are looking at spoodles. The prices on puppies is a bit of a shock!
    What a hard descision, they are both so cute. Personally, I like the golden colour, hubby says you're better off with a male.
    Good luck with the descision making


  2. They are both cute, I think I prefer the white one. I would do some research into their personality types as well, that might help you make a decision.

  3. Oh my goodness.... they are both adorable!! Good luck deciding!! :)

  4. They are both so cute but the white one has the cutest face in those photos. Your girls are at a really good age now where they will really be able to do a lot of the looking after, feeding etc of your new puppy. Can't wait to see what you get!! P.S There's a little game for you to join in on my latest post, don't feel obliged, only if you want to x

  5. We have both sexes and they are both fine - dont see any huge difference/good/bad things about them... I dont know much about these dogs you have chosen, but I guess you have researched personality etc, so you could go by that, or the colour. I love the golden one personally!

  6. oh my goodness that Bichon Frise is too adorable for words....... but little dog syndrome. I'd be nervous, the smaller they are the more they yap! And go crazy at bigger dogs! I have a lab and he is not half as ferocious as some of the silky terriers in our neighbourhood! :) V cute though......

  7. Which ever one doesn't yap yap or howl at ambulances. My dogs did both. They both look adorable. Our dogs passed away a while ago now and the girls are getting quite persistant about asking for a new one - I just can't bare the thought of giving up my lovely vegie patch though. Have fun choosing and thanks for your lovely comment on Tuesday night when I was too tired for words.

  8. Catherine - i say the moodle...I am a massive "oodle" fan. We have a Cavoodle and after having a few dogs I have to say this is the best dog we have ever had. Playful, gentle, and NEVER drops hair...yay the MOODLE! ActuallY i would recomend adding Cavoodle to your list....they really are wonderful and I can't honsetly say I am that big on pets so i rave really says something.


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