Friday, July 23

Fabric Bookmark

July is a busy month for birthdays and after celebrating my hubby's birthday on Thursday, my good friend is having her birthday on Sunday. I wanted to make something that would post easily with her card, just a little something to wish her a happy birthday. I thought a fabric bookmark would be a good idea so I did a bit of computer surfing and found these beautiful bookmarks and thought I would give them a go. Do you find that it isn't until you come to make something that you find you could have done things differently but it's too late to change what you've already done? I should have probably joined the two pieces of fabric together with a blanket stitch so the back wasn't untidy but I hid it with a felt flower and a button, problem solved.

So have you got any plans for your weekend? Tomorrow I'm going to a beginners crochet class at this place. I thought it might be a bit of fun and who knows what I might learn! Have a great weekend.

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  1. Hi Catherine, thanks for your sweet comment, you are so right, I know things will work out!
    I love your little bookmark, you always make such cute stuff!! My nearly 8 year old bookworm would love them, I will try it for sure!
    Enjoy your weekend...
    Flick x

  2. What a great gift idea. Your bookmark is super sweet... I'm feeling some inspiration coming on. Thanks :)

  3. You always make such lovely gifts Catherine!! What a nice idea to include with your friend's card. Thanks for your kind words on Wednesday, I'm lucky to have lovely blogging friends like you. Have a wonderful weekend xx


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