Saturday, July 24


I finished my first crochet scarf.

Learnt how to do a granny square that has now grown and is now my new project, a baby blanket.

I bought some new supplies, a present from my mother in law.

What did you get up to today? I hope you had a good day:)

Don't forget my giveaway!


  1. It's lovely Catherine!! Gorgeous colours. My day started with a walk at the river and Paul and Grace and our dog and then the rest of the day was spent pottering around home and trying to tidy up. Enjoy the rest of the weekend x

  2. I am in awe of your talent with needles Catherine!! Seriously.. is there anything you can't do?? The scarf looks beautiful, and the granny square takes me back to when my Nanna used to make them continually... little did I know she was making me a huge blanket!
    My day was a mixed bag.. started out lovely with Hubby insisting I go to the hairdressers and try and de-stress for a bit.. then I had to go to the 'in-laws' for dinner, (not my first choice for a Sat night!!).
    Flick x

  3. Great work Catherine, I love the colours in your Scarf! I'm not going to enter your give away after already winning a bunch of goodies from you. T. x

  4. great work. that baby blanket will be stunning- looks so soft! xo m.

  5. Beautiful scarf! I can't believe you've just learnt to crochet! Really?

  6. Congrats on your scarf, it looks fantastic. Be sure to post the finished baby blanket (I imagine that would take A WHILE). Handmade baby items are a fave of mine.


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