Monday, July 19

A Step Towards Friendly Shopping

On the weekend my hubby and I did a bit of shopping. I sent him off in one direction and I went in the other hoping not to cross paths because I needed to get his present but he on the other hand was more organised then me and had already got mine. Well I did get his present and in plenty of time, now I just need to wrap it and make a card! His birthday is this Thursday I'm sure there won't be a problem getting it made;) Anyway when I was wondering about I headed into the health food shop and spotted these great reusable fruit and vegetable bags.

I had wanted to make some of my own but other projects have pushed their way forward and so I haven't managed to make any yet. I still would like to make them but when I saw them I decided to buy them and go forward another step towards being more environmentally friendly. Today I used them for the first time and felt good about walking out of the shop knowing I had come home with less plastic.

Because I do my shopping at Coles I do still end up taking home plastic because organic carrots already come prepackaged and so do potatoes but I know it's a step in the right direction. I need to buy some more but for now it's a good start.

Tomorrow is my birthday so I'll be back tomorrow with a little giveaway from me to you to celebrate. See you then!


  1. AnonymousJuly 19, 2010

    Good on you, Catherine! It is a good feeling to just make an effort, it may only be small, but it's a good contribution!! They look like a great idea, at some stage (a few years from now!) I may find some time to make some myself.... or buy them!
    I really hope you have a great day tomorrow xx

  2. BRAVO! Well done Catherine.

  3. These look great.....I really must start being a little more thoughtful.....will have to check these out. x

  4. They look great Catherine. Nicely Done.

  5. AnonymousJuly 20, 2010

    These look great and will save many plastic bags. Each little step is one in the right direction!

  6. They're brilliant Catherine! Have wanted to make some myself too but I don't know if I'll bother when someone has done all the hard work. Hope you have a brilliant birthday!! :)

  7. What a wonderful idea! I always take my green shopping bags with me but always feel so guilty using plastic bags for fruit and veg - this would be a great way to solve this problem - thanks for sharing xx


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