Sunday, July 18

New Experiences

Sorry I haven't been here for a while. My girls started back at school last week and getting back into the groove of things can take a little time. This week is going to be busy too with both my hubby and I celebrating our birthdays. We are both the same age and celebrate our birthday just two days apart, I'm older and my hubby always has a joke with me about it but I just say that I am just mature(lol). We decided to celebrate last night together, the girls spent the night at Grandma's and we got a chance to be a couple for the night. My hubby enjoys watching the opera, but me, not so much. He really wanted to go and see one live so the more I thought about it, why not experience something new. So last night after some dinner we went to see The Merry Widow. I really enjoyed seeing the opera with my hubby. There were sub titles so we could understand what they were singing and it was in English too which helped. The costumes were beautiful and it really was entertaining and if he asked me out on another date to go to the opera, well I think I would have to say yes. I really enjoy experiencing something new. Have you been to an opera before or have you experienced something new that you enjoyed and would do again?

Have a wonderful week my friends.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your night out at the opera to celebrate your birthdays Catherine. I'm not a huge opera fan either but we went and saw The Phantom of the Opera last year when it came to Perth and it really was an amazing production with all the costumes and set and everything. Enjoy your week of birthdays - hope you get spoilt xx

  2. Happy birthday! I am happy to hear your enjoyed the opera. I admit, I do love it....

  3. happy birthdays! this post is very sweet.

  4. Happy happy birthday!
    Yep ... been to the Opera before. I love it! So dramatic. So rich. So vibrant.

  5. AnonymousJuly 19, 2010

    Well a big 'Happy Birthday' to you both! Mine was Thurday, so I have been spoilt this week too, and our Anniversary is tomorrow!
    I haven't been to the opera, but I do find it fascinating.....
    I haven't been on here much either... so busy, but my Kiddies are off to school tomorrow, so I will try and not pack for 5 minutes, and relax..



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