Tuesday, August 10

A bit of crochet

I thought I would give the 'Contortionist Crochet Cuff' a bit of a whirl today. My idea was to whip one up and have it ready for this afternoon but I wasn't quite up to speed. With a couple of tries I managed to make one all ready to give to our neighbour as a thank you for next weeks flute lesson for Miss 10. Each week, without any charge, she teaches my Miss 10 the flute. She is our neighbour and at only 16 she is very sweet and a girly girl, so I hope she will like it. So thanks to Kirsty for the inspiration.

I hope you are having a good week so far. Today has been pretty miserable here and from the weather reports tomorrow isn't going to be different. We all have the day at home, a public holiday for the Ekka, so I think it might be movie day here tomorrow. What have you got planned?


  1. Tres cute my dear - was it hard...?! Even if you say it wasn't, I fear it would be... if it doesn't involve single & double crochet ONLY... to me, it's HARD. ;)

    I'm sure you're neighbour will love it, and how nice is she?!

  2. What a cute cuff! I'm sure your neighbour will love it!
    It's raining here too - but since I just planted stuff I can't really complain!! Saves me watering!! :)
    Oh and last night we finished the yummy chocolate! Thanks again!!

  3. It looks great. And I love the colour.

  4. FANCY!!!!!
    Looks gorgeous! Such a great thank you.
    I must remember them when it comes to end of year teachers' thankyous. X

  5. That's lovely! I quite fancy one of these myself. Pity I'm so hopeless at crochet!

  6. It's ace! ...and I am sure the flute teacher will love it. Wonderful choice of colour.


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