Sunday, August 8

This weekend

we spent some time with the lovely females of my family and did a bit of crafting,

tonight there was some creating done by my two little lovelies, putting on their own toppings onto a homemade pizza base,

eating which is the fun part and today some gardening.

Image from here

It was a lovely weekend that went by too fast. What made your weekend lovely?


  1. Family crafting time is so much fun! I love getting together with my lovely Mum for a bit of crafting! And those pizzas look delicious....lunch time must be soon? Have a happy Monday. x

  2. Lovely - love home made pizza the kids love making them. Lovely blog you have :-)

  3. Sounds like a really lovely day Catherine and those pizzas look delicious! Hope your week is just as lovely xx

  4. Mmmm homemade pizza...maybe we'll have that for dinner tonight.


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