Saturday, September 25

Catching Up

Hi there sorry I've been away this week. Life has been busy with both of my girls at home for the holidays we've been catching up with friends and doing a bit of relaxing. So this post is going to be full of photos to catch you up on what's been happening, and there is a bit to show you.

Last week was the last week of school and Miss 6 had to dress up as her created super hero. Her created super hero was very much like Supergirl so I did cheat and bought her outfit. I know not good for a, kind of sewing Mum but sometimes sewing scares me so I did end up chickening out:( My little Miss 6 was the most creative decorating her mask with red glitter glue. I promise to try next time!

I joined Jodie's Spring Washer Swap last month and last week I got this happy package in the mail from my swap partner Christine, thank you. The soap is already being used and my dishcloth has been christened too.

And this is the washer I made for my swap partner Kylie using this pattern. I forgot to post a picture of my goodies I posted but I know that she received them and loves them:)

And I finished the library bag for my friend's little girl so all I need is to buy a book, and make a card and then it's ready to post for her birthday next week. I did a little bit of embroidery which is a little hard to see but it's the first letter of her name.

Some of our first strawberries for the Spring season. There are lots of strawberries on the plants just waiting for some sun to turn them red, the girls will be in strawberry heaven and me too;)

With strawberries being so cheap at the moment and with some inspiration from A Spoonful of Sugar Girls, I decided to make some jam. It's got the tick of approval from the family and we're already through half the jar! I used this
simple recipe to make my jam.

I hope that you're all enjoying your weekend. Have you had fun doing something you love?


  1. Hi Catherine, well you have been busy... We are a
    having some lovely warm weather here, so my strawbs are just thinking about turning red too! I have had gastro, but I have heard the kids having a lovely time outside, playing in the trees, as our hols have just started, they are pretty excited!
    Flick xo

  2. lovely catch-up, busy days.
    Great library bag

  3. Hey Catherine, I love this post full of some little details of your life. Your little super girl looks gorgeous. Don't you just wish you could get about in an outfit like that sometimes? I think it'd be such fun.
    Have a happy Sunday.

  4. Great outfit - your little girls look very pleased with it !
    And strawberries already !
    sigh . . .

  5. That's definitely a photo to bring out at her 21st!
    Looks like you've been getting very crafty, I especially like the library bag - I had one that my grandma appliqued for me and I loved it.
    I made more stuff for friends' babies this weekend... will post on them soon!

  6. what a cutie superhero!
    strawberry jam, mmmm, Amelie saw them make it on playschool last week & has been asking to make it.
    happy week to you Catherine

  7. I might have to try some Jam too, I just noticed the flowers beginning to form on my strawberries :)

  8. Yummy jam! I have never made my own jam, but I have heard that once you make your own, you will never buy from the shop again. Enjoy the holidays!

  9. I have always wanted to try my hand at jam! Yo've inspired me- I am going to do it this week!! Hope you're well, your washers look lovely. You know Indigo just grew out of her lovely crochet hat. She wore is non-stop for the past 5 weeks. I am going to see if I have a photo of her in it... but I have been so busy I haven't been taking any photos as of late. My husband is away from Monday to Friday every week now until we move (more on this later) so I really have my hands full! If you don't mind I was thinking of giving the hat to a friend of mine who is expecting a girl in November, so that more than one babe gets the pleasure of wearing it! Hope you're well and lots of love to the family! xx m.

  10. I love your little super girl! Sometimes, it is just easier to buy something rather than sew it, don't be hard on yourself! Love the look of your strawberries, you have inspired us to plant some:) Hope you are having a wonderful beginning to your week ~ Tina xx

  11. Your daughter is adorable! Love her outfit. Love your library bag and washer too! You are so good at making handmade gifts!

  12. I always love seeing what you and your gorgeous family have been up to - sounds like the school holidays have been fun. Love the superhero outfit and the library bag is such a great handmade gift idea - will have to remember that one x


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