Saturday, September 4


How was your Saturday? Today my Saturday was slowly busy, always doing something but not rushing.

My neighbour is a great photographer who works for a local university and has offered to do a photo shoot of the girls for a while but life gets busy so it hasn't been possible but she booked us into her diary and spent the morning taking photos. She is such a lovely neighbour and I feel so lucky to have someone close by you can have a chat with and a neighbour you can trust. I felt pretty funny taking this photo of them with my little point and shoot against her big camera! (lol)

Tomorrow is Father's Day as well as our family get together to celebrate Miss 11's birthday. We don't have parties every year to celebrate so on the years we don't we go to a park and have lunch to celebrate. After reading Meagan's post on eco friendly birthday parties I thought it would be fun to make a little something for the children to take home. I don't usually have take home party bags for family parties but this was easy and pretty much free to make. I found this tutorial on recycled newspaper pots and went with the idea of adding some soil and a few sunflower seeds that have been collected. The bags that have the soil in them I picked up at the supermarket and are degradable made by Hercules, so are a little better for the environment. I then made a little envelope with some vellum and stamped a flower on it, then attached it with a paper clip I made into a heart. It didn't cost much at all and with Spring here now, they will all have their very own flowers:)

I had shown you a picture of a birthday cake that was chosen by Miss 11 but she changed her mind, again, but this time there wasn't anymore time to change her mind so she settled on this cake out of the Donna Hay Kids Magazine. It was easy to decorate and there wasn't any shape cutting and best of all she loves it so I'm happy. I really love making birthday cakes even when they can sometimes take hours to make.

I hope that everyone enjoys their Sunday with their families. Happy Father's Day!


  1. love the shot of your friend taking their pic, they look soo happy.
    those bags look great and a wonderful idea!
    birthday cake looks identical to the one donna made, nice one Catherine.
    have fun tomorrow ♥

  2. What a great photo of your girls and the photographer, lovely Catherine! That cake looks awesome!

  3. Oh and I got distracted thinking about Kit Kats ... so forgot to say I really LOVE your party bag idea!

  4. How fun having a photo shoot! Happy Birthday to your 11 year old - what a gorgeous cake and brilliant idea for take home pressies!

  5. How lovely of your neighbour to take some photos of your gorgeous girls. That cake looks yummy, I like the Kit Kat edging.

  6. Oh my - that is the most amazing cake ever. I love it!!! Goregous! You clever thing you.

  7. That is my sort of cake....omg....drooooool!!!!!


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