Wednesday, October 6

A Bit of Birthday Stamping

It's been ages since I've shared with you any cards that I've made so here are a couple that I made recently. The first was for my Pop who celebrated his birthday last week. I got the inspiration for this card from the Clean and Simple blog, it's my favourite blog for card layouts.

This card is for a little friend of Miss 6. She is going to her party on the weekend and as a little activity during the holidays, Miss 6 helped with the making of the card, colouring in the fairy. I think she looks kinda cute!

When I first started this blog stamping was definitely my favourite craft but now if I had to choose at the moment it's crochet, I'm hooked. (lol) Do you have a favourite craft?


  1. Love that tree card. Did you stamp the lettering or is it handwritten? Looks fabulous. Simple and stylish.

  2. Gorgeous works of art there Catherine, i love your Pops card and your daughter did a great job on the fairy - I love handmade cards they are so much nicer, hey?

  3. Lovely cards. I love card making myself. It's definitely at the top of my list. The next would be something very new to me - quilting. I have a suspicion that it will be my 'thing'. I just love trawling through the fabrics in a quilt shop...!

  4. Your cards are fabulous Catherine! Happy belated birthday to your Pop:) I just love that your Miss 6 got to help create the card for her friend!! ~ Tina xx

  5. Love that first card and how lovely your daughter could help make the card for her friend. My craft at the moment is cross stitch - I'm making something for Grace's room and am also doing abit of scrap booking to make her an album of her first year.


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