Thursday, October 7

My creative space

was all about baby bibs, burp cloths and baking. My neighbour next door had her fourth baby today, a boy to add to her brood of three girls so she will be over the moon as are her girls ' too. So today still sitting there are the bib and burp cloth waiting to be sewn.

I did manage to make this card for the new addition. I kept with the yellow theme not knowing what she was going to have.

And I finished decorating the 'cookies in a jar', recipe from here. A super easy gift to make, perfect for Christmas coming up too;)

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  1. That card is very sweet and the cookie jar idea is fantastic. Love it! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Oh i can highly recommend that combination of 3 girls then a boy, yippee & congratulations for her!! Love Posie

  3. Lovely card and like the idea of cookies in a jar. Charmaine

  4. I love sewing for new babies!

    The card you made is gorgeous and the cookies in a jar - what a great idea!

  5. They are all such gorgeous prezzies!
    I love the idea of a boy after three girls. He will be adored I'm sure.

  6. That card is super dooper lovely. I'm adoring all things yellow these days ... just makes me happy. Looks like the bib and burp cloth will turn out well - how many pins do you have there?!?!
    ...and the cookie jar. Great idea.

    Catherine you are one ultra-creative lady.

  7. i love that your friend had a boy after three girls. such cute fabric btw.

  8. Hi Cath,
    you are so thoughtful and never fail to think up a special way to celebrate or make others feel good.
    This is such a great idea and I always love how the theme runs through to the wrapping and card.


  9. How lovely for her now to have a baby boy :) I would so love to sit down with you and enjoy a craft afternoon and a cuppa, what a pity I live so far away from you x


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