Wednesday, November 17

Yesterday I got into my garden. I love it when you clean out the old and plant the new, the garden looks refreshed and I can't wait to see them grow. I planted some more lettuce,

some shallots

and a cucumber plant. On my to to list is sprouting some more plants from seeds but for now seedlings from the local nursery means we will have our favourite salad vegetables growing in no time.

Miss 6 has been getting into the Christmas spirit making her Christmas cards for friends at school and she's even been doing a few dances to Christmas music too;)

And I've been hooking away at a little Christmas decorating craft.

I hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one.


  1. Hah! I just came in from a garden cleanup! It has been weighing on my mind lately. Our strawberries seem to have some mould or something from lack of sun and so muh rain (at least that is what I assum eis the problem) but our herbs are massive! Maybe I will plant some lettuce as well. We havent started xmas stuff yet but am getting excited!

  2. I can't wait to start on Christmas activities with the little one...well done for getting in the garden - it was hot yesterday! enjoy...

  3. Been busy at your house. Nothing like home grown vegies. I like the idea of crochet christmas decorations. Looks like Miss 6 is following you in the card making craft. Charmaine

  4. It will be so nice for you to be able to start using your lettuces now that it's warming up - ours didn't take long at all to be able to start picking and we've definitely paid for our seedlings with the amount of lettuce we've used alone :) That's so sweet your little girl is taking time to make Christmas cards for her friends :)

  5. Catherine, great job in the garden, I must confess I'm a terrible gardener. No patience is my problem I think. Go Little Miss Six, I'm sure your school buddies will appreciate your creative cards. And I'm wondering what you're creating there?! Looks intriguing. Pruxxx

  6. Nothing better than a day in the garden. Yay for you. ... and those lettuce will be yummy yummy in no time.

  7. Your garden looks so relaxing and inspiring. I love your crochet decorations too. My Mother-In-Law has some sentimental crochet decorations that mean so much.


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