Sunday, January 2

2010 Resolution Review

 Flowers picked by Miss 6 and arranged

I thought I would do a post about how I went with achieving my goals for 2010.

♥ Spend more quality time with my girls and my husband.
My hubby and I have been going out each month for a date which has worked well to have alone time thank you to my wonderful mother in law for making this possible. The last couple of months have been difficult to get out with work and Christmas so I think it might be time to go out again soon!  I think I need to make more of an effort to get some alone time with each girl doing something a bit special.  I really enjoyed the advent calendar last month, it gave us lots of time together to do things we enjoy. So some more time doing similar things I will be trying to do as well.

♥ Be more organised and less of a procrastinator
This has been tricky. I'm not sure if I improved but I'll keep working on this and so I've bought myself a diary this year to help me achieve this goal.

♥ Establish and keep a routine for exercise, rest (bed time) and general everyday activities.
I was doing well with exercise and after going to Tasmania it all stopped. To improve I'll start yoga and learn to switch off the computer by 9:30pm.

♥ Be more confident in my abilities, extend my learning.
I'm really proud of myself achieving this goal.  I have extended myself and learnt to crochet and read simple patterns.  I've been slowly changing our home to be more organic and have removed almost all chemicals from our home and replaced them with natural products, this I'm most pleased about.  I look forward to learning and evolving more this year.

There have been lots of wonderful things that have happened in my life but here have also been some obstacles I've found difficult to work through too.  I know that it's how you approach a situation that will determine how difficult it may seem and in theory good but in practise at times it has been difficult. I'll keep trying always to fulfill this goal.

I think it is important to look at the new year with a fresh positive perspective and use resolutions to make you aware of areas in your life you'd like to change or improve.  I'm not going to be harsh on myself if I haven't fulfilled my aspirations for the new year but continue to strive to always LEARN.

My word this year is learn. This year I want to:

♥ Learn to let go and let my girls grow.
♥ Learn to renew my love of reading.
♥ Learn to cook more vegetarian meals.
♥ Learn to be more in the moment.
♥ Learn to accept that challenges are there to help us grow and learn.
♥ Learn to love life and all that it has to offer.

I'm looking forward to a great year in 2011 sharing with you and catching up with your journey too.


  1. "learn" is an awesome word for 2011 - love your new resolution. Go for it.

  2. Hi Catherine,

    Sounds like you did really well in 2010. Learn is a great choice and I'm looking forward to following your progress with your 'learn' goals.

  3. I was only looking your 2010 goal list the other day and wondering how you'd gone. It sounds like you've done well this year. I like your idea of date nights, something Paul and I don't do often enough - might have to take on this idea. As for being organised, I'd be lost without my diary (I like the one you've got this year). I think your focus word for this year is a great one - it's important even as adults to keep learning and teaching ourselves things. I'm trying to get back into reading more again too - I used to be a real bookworm before Grace was born but have less time these days to get into it. I look forward to hearing about your 'learning' over the year :)

  4. A thoughtful post, Catherine. I'm most impressed at your goal setting, for both years. We really need to set strict date nights on PB, an area we've really neglected lately. And good for you, being so open to learning and change. Best of British! J x

  5. Great word for 2011! Well done with all of your achievements over 2010.

  6. These are great New Year's Resolutions. I think date night is husband and I usually have one once a month too.

    Happy New Year to you!

  7. I loved reading this post Catherine! The new year is such an interesting time for reflection and anticipation and then generally it gets lost in the stuff that goes on throughout the year. But it sounds like you have been mindful of your destination the whole time. Have a wonderful 2011. X

  8. Hi Catherine - new to your blog so I'm just having a little look around. I love your resolutions post - assessing the old and announcing the new. I had to giggle at the last photo - with the books - that's so like me (I have Buddhism for Mothers). I was actually wondering to do a new years post of my own, with a stack of books as my only photo - each book title representing a new goal! I could do it - I have so many how-to, DIY and self-help books it's not funny!

    Best of luck with all your 'learning' in 2011.


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