Sunday, March 27

Last night our version of Earth Hour.  Tea, coffee, chocolate, candles and a couple of games of Rummikub.  I really like the soft light of candles, the peace of no television and getting the mind working.

Enjoy your Monday:)


  1. Gorgeous simplicity, Catherine. We love the concept on Planet Baby, too! J x

  2. We find when the lights are off, no TV and just candles our son relaxes and tells us so much about school. Charmaine

  3. I learnt to play Rummikub at a friend's house so my memories of it are of togetherness.

    I totally forgot Earth Hour and am feeling bad about it. Maybe we will do our own night this week.

  4. We enjoyed it too Catherine. Your candles look lovely.

  5. beautiful way to celebrate earth hour Catherine.

    thinking of you ♥


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