Thursday, May 26


or maybe lack of it should be more to the point.  Today I felt really tired with a bit of a headache, tonight I should probably try and get more sleep but I seem to get that burst of energy again late at night, staying up way past my bed time. (lol)  Since I felt a bit off colour I was in no mood to do too much craft so things haven't progressed much at all. 
The cauliflower experiment hasn't been going too well.  I planted celery, marigolds and sprinkled egg shells around the plants but unfortunately they are still being eaten.  I think there may be a couple of reasons why I didn't have any success, firstly because I didn't regularly spray the plants, we had quite a bit of rain in the beginning and the spray was always being washed off and I didn't keep applying it.  And secondly it may be because the cauliflower were more established than the celery and so the companion planting wasn't as effective.  I might give the spray one more try and if there is any success I'll be sure to post about it.
My next project was the crochet rug.  When I chose the wool from Spotlight I didn't give a lot of thought into the amounts I would need to make the rug and then consider the cost.  So to keep the cost down and make the rug a bit more affordable, I took the wool back and purchased some from Bendigo Wools.  It just arrived today so I'll be able to start hooking away now:)
And the office/craft room has now been polished!  So this weekend it's ready for me to move in, although I still don't have any furniture just yet but that's ok.

So that's what has been happening this week in my world.  Have you been more productive?

Wishing you a wonderful Friday


  1. so gorgeous!! Have been trying to leave messages on your blog lately with not luck!! blogger is being a pain lately!!! Laura xxx

  2. AnonymousMay 26, 2011

    I have not had much success with our vegetable plantings either.
    I love the shades of that wool, it's gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing your crocheted rug.

  3. Given my success rate I wouldn't dream of offering you advice! That craft space is going to be wonderful, what a lucky duck!

  4. I seem to do the same thing, stay up way past my bedtime and then end up being tired the next day. I think for me, it's because it's the only time I have for myself all day, so I try to capitalise on it. Silly, really, since I don't function at my best the next day.

    Loving that floor! I'm sure you are going to love your new space.

  5. I can't wait to see some progress shots of your rug. I love the colours you have chosen. Have a lovely Friday. x

  6. Love your VJ walls! We used VJ sheeting by easy craft, but in the laundry we used Hardie groove which is supposedly waterproof! fingers crossed! x

  7. I'm excited to see the end result of the craft room. Very jealous;)
    Let's just say my week has gone from bad to worse. Once my son recovered from his cold, my daughter got very sick for a week only to find my son getting worse again. AND THEN my husband decides he'll throw his hat into the ring and got sick too. He's down for the count, in bed for an entire day.
    Productive at my place? Ah, nope.

  8. Sadly I don't have any advice for your cauliflower, as mine have met with a similar fate so far :( Your floor is looking very lovely and shiny. How exciting to have a craft room :)

  9. What a lovely space you have to move into! Your plants may be getting eaten by cabbage moths catepillars. We cover ours with netting, or old lace curtains, seems to do the trick. Cabbage moths cant get onto them to lay the eggs. Still watching the letter box :)
    I get creative way too late at night too!

  10. Really looking forward to seeing your crochet rug! It's something I want to try. I hope your veggies recover x

  11. Take a good rest... we have time... I am always here to check out your lovely stuffs!

  12. Catherine are you definitely dealing with Caterpillars? That leaf damage looks a lot like what earwigs did to my Potato last year.


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