Monday, June 6

A Children's Book Review

Books are a big part of our daily life and for the girls it started when they were young.  We visit the library every month borrowing as much as we are allowed and read each night and day.  Recently I found this delightful series of books at our local bookstore called Little Mates. They are a short story,  written using alliteration which gives it a rhyming tone that is fun to read and listen to. Based on Australian animals, insects and mammals the main character goes on a little adventure with their friends close by to lend a hand.  I would recommend these books for children from 1 year old up to 7 years of age. My youngest enjoys me reading these to her, they are a fun, short story to listen to at night before she goes to bed.  These books would also be suitable for an early reader who has some reading experience to read aloud to an adult.

I'm still working on my goals for the year but so far haven't renewed my love of reading. Do you have any books you would recommend to get me started reading again, I'd love some help. Thank you:)

May your Tuesday be a wonderful one


  1. I have made a real effort to read more this year. Trying hard for some "Me" time. Two books I found easy to read despite the distractions of kids and house were "Water for Elephants" which has recently been released as a movie. And "The Help"
    They were both really enjoyable books. Both very different. The first more of a love story. The second womens struggle to be accepted in 1960's missipippi.
    I hope you make some time for yourself to snuggle up with a cuppa and a book soon!

  2. I wish i could recommend a book to you, but i too am stuck in a no reading period! need to start reading again! We do love our trips to the library too. Reading is the best!

    Thanks for your kind comments on my post. xx

  3. Catherine, we are in sync with our lots of 'little people' stories/less time for grown up people reading! I got some great responses a while ago re: adult lit here:

    Thanks so much for this series recommendation. Sounds fantastic! Reading is one of Lily's favourite pasttimes right now - I'll have to investigate our library :)

  4. I will have to check these out at the library on our next visit. Grace loves books too which I'm so happy about. As for getting you back into reading (I've been struggling a bit lately too), what sort out books do you prefer to read?

  5. What great books! My son is so into alliteration right now since he started school this year.
    I would recommend 'The Guernsey literary and potato peel society'. It's an easy read and a feel-good ending (since it does include sad parts about WWII). I loved it.

  6. Hi Catherine
    Kids book recommendation would have to be The Library Lion, a nice big hardcover kiddies book. Not sure of the author.
    Depending on what type of read you like, you could try Elizabeth Berg's "The Pull of the Moon". it's a nice easy, yet though provoking read and one i've passed around to lots of friends.


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