Tuesday, July 19

Molly the Model

When the girls were visiting last Saturday at my mother in laws, my little girl mentioned to her that Molly was getting a bit cold at night and would she make her a coat to wear.  It just so happened that my mother in law was in the mood to do a bit of knitting and made her this very colourful creation to wear.  Now Molly is going to be very warm and happy in her new handmade coat just in time, today was a cold, windy day here.

Tomorrow I have a little giveaway for you, my gorgeous readers to celebrate my birthday so don't forget to come by and visit.

See you tomorrow


  1. Wow, your little girl is a very good knitter!! Molly is one lucky doggy - super cute :)

  2. Molly suits her coat very well indead! Molly and her technicolour dream coat :) x

  3. What a stylish girl! The other dogs will be envious!

  4. Molly looks very cute! Both of my dogs have jumpers to wear, but they take them off almost as soon as I put them on!

  5. AnonymousJuly 20, 2011

    Oh that is too cute :)

  6. Oh great,that post put a smile on my face the other day the girls decided to crochet our little dog a jumper...well they ended up seeing a tutorial about transforming a poor little doggy nearly got strangled!lol I prefer yours :)xx


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