Wednesday, July 20

A Thank you

How was your Wednesday today? Today was my birthday, I'm another year older, another year wiser;)  My hubby took the day off today which made my birthday even more special.  Usually we wouldn't but he thought it would be nice to spend it together, much nicer than being at work.  We've had a quiet day at  home making bread, doing craft, sitting chatting and eating pizza, simple just the way I like it.  Tonight on the menu was Creamy Corny Chowder with no knead bread and Apple Berry Crumble with ice cream cooked by my family.

To celebrate my birthday today I wanted to have a little giveaway to thank you, my wonderful friends for stopping by and for always giving me lots to smile about with your kind words. Included in my giveaway is:
♥ A Japanese craft book called Hello Sandwich which has lots of great gift wrapping ideas which I bought on Saturday in Nook.
♥ Three handmade red crochet flowers
♥ Some twine
♥ A vintage cotton spool
♥ A cute little handmade owl softie
♥ Some fabric tape
♥ Some handmade doily gift tags
♥ Six handmade kraft gift bags
♥ Two handmade washi tape pegs
♥ Some handmade stickers
To keep it fair I'm making the giveaway open to followers of my blog only and one entry per person.  New followers are always welcome to join, I always enjoy meeting new people.  I'll keep the giveaway open till next Wednesday the 27th of July.  Good luck everyone!

Have a terrific Thursday


  1. Hi Catherine! This comment isn't really to enter the giveaway but just to say Happy Birthday!! Either way, all that crafty goodness would be a treat!

    Glad you had a lovely relaxing day at home with your husband enjoying home cooked food. How perfect is that?


  2. happy birthday lovely friend! hope you've had a day of kisses and cuddles & lots of yumminess.

    big hugs to you always ♥

  3. Happy happy birthday to you, one of my favorite bloggers! What a great bloke you've got staying home for the day, cooking you dinner and the gift that you mentioned a few posts back! Heaven.
    What a super special and generous giveaway. I have all of my fingers crossed!

  4. Happy Birthday my dear Catherine. It sounds like you had a lovely day with your wonderfully thoughtful husband. Your giveaway is so generous and I would love a chance to win. Thank you xx

  5. Happy birthday dear Catherine!!
    You have a great family. I think that food cooked by others always tastes much better;)

  6. Happy birthday - sounds like a perfect day :)

  7. Happy Birthday Catherine, sounds like you have had a wonderful day! Your dinner menu sounds delicious and how lovely your hubby got to spend the day with you!


  8. Happy Birthday Catherine, sounds like a perfect day. It was mine yesterday and sadly Paul was overseas for work but I was certainly spoilt by family and friends. x

  9. Happy birthday my lovely friend!! Sounds like you had a wonderful day, how nice that your husband was able to spend the day with you and you filled it with lots of enjoyable things. Your giveaway looks fantastic, please count me in. Big birthday hugs xx

  10. What a delightful day!
    Happy Birthday To You :)
    What a beautiful package you have put together.

  11. So lovely you had an enjoyable day with your hubby. It is wonderful that he took the day off to spend with you. Birthday's are the best time to share with the ones we love.

    Thank you for the giveaway. Lots of gorgeous crafted things, from a very talented lady.
    Cheers, Deb

  12. Happy Birthday! Having your hubby home for it must be the best present of all, so nice to have a bonus day of time to spend together preparing what sounds like a yummy feast for dinner :)

    I'm a new follower from over at Frog, Goose and Bear. Came to check out your tutorials!

  13. Happy birthday xxx

    what a beautiful giveaway ,your blog is really lovely
    lucy xx

  14. Happy Birthday dear friend...sounds like your day was wonderful!


  15. Oh, happy birthday, Sweetheart! How fabulous to spend the day together like that. And mmm, apple berry crumble sounds heavenly. This is a pretty giveaway, you generous girl. You know it's all right up my alley ☺. Please count me in! J x

  16. Oh Happy Birthday
    I only just found you - love the cotton reel shot from this week
    I shall follow happily :-)

  17. aren't you a little bit lovely!? happy birthday lovely lady...i thought you were showing us your presents. i would love to enter, i hope you've kept a copy of HS for yourself! enjoy the rest of your day and have a wonderful friday! xx

  18. Happy Birthday gorgeous!

    Hope the celebrations last all year long xxxxx

    would love to be in the running for some of your crafty treats xxx

  19. Happy Birthday :)

    Definitely a follower of this wonderful blog! Thank you for this wonderful giveaway.

    Forever Crafting,

  20. My birthday is on the first of July, so we are both July girls...although I was born a 'few' years sooner.
    I wish you many happy crafting days in the year to come.

  21. A belated happy birthday! How did I miss this!?? These look like lovely little treats. I find giveways such a treat especially when there are treats like handmade crochet flowers. Hope you had a great birthday Catherine x

  22. Hope you had a great birthday. Such a sweet giveaway, I would love to enter!

  23. Gosh, how did I miss this? Beautiful crafty goodness. Hope you had a sensational birthday!

  24. Your giveaway is gorgeous. I have my fingers crossed that I am the lucky winner.

  25. A bit late but may belated wishes for your birthday.

    We were madly packig so I ahve missed a bit of what is happening.

    Wishing you joy and happiness all round.

  26. Looks like you had a beautiful heart filled day Catherine.Happy Birthday from me as well (sorry a little late!)x

  27. Happy birthday to you - just discovered you blog and love it. Hope you have a great day.


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