Tuesday, August 16

Lovely Links

I really enjoy visiting new blogs and discovering new things to make, and with Christmas not too far away it's always good to get some inspiration.  I thought I would share with you a few tutorials that I've bookmarked recently.

●Some plant markers using oven bake clay.  I really like this idea and so much nicer than the plastic plant marker you get when you buy the plant.
●These food covers are not only pretty but practical and much more environmentally friendly than using plastic food wrap.
●If you have fabric scraps lying around, these patchwork coasters are a great way of using them up.
●I think these ribbon bangles are a great gift idea for girls.
●Stationery is favourite of mine and this handmade notebook would make a sweet gift for a teacher who always has notes to write.

I hope these links have inspired you or given you some handmade gift ideas


  1. these are great. i love the food covers especially and what a lovely blog over there too. thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for these links. I love the idea of the food covers and some other great little gift ideas for when xmas rolls around.

  3. Ta Catherine! I love it when other people search out and recommend good tutorials. I don't think I have the patience and when it is endorsed by someone else, it inspires me. So ta! xxx

  4. Catherine, thank you so much for sharing these wonderful links. There are some great ideas I'd like to try for myself there, especially the plant markers. Do you know on my to do list for today is listed 'buy Etsy herb markers' but after seeing this link, I think I might hold off and try making my own first :) Thanks for also introducing me to a few new blogs too. Enjoy your afternoon x

  5. I love all these links!! Especially the food covers, I am trying to rid our house of plastic and these are genius! Thank you so much!!! x

  6. Dear Catherine, thank you so much for answering to my comment.
    I really love your blog and I' ll be following you in order to not loose contact.
    I hope you follow me too.

  7. What a bunch of inspiration...I have pinned each and every link thanks Catherine. Now to find the time to actually put them to use :)


  8. WOW Catherine great links. I really love them all. I am thinking some plant markers are going to make great xmas gifts.
    Thanks again

  9. So many great tutorials on making things...I had most of them pin in my mind but sometimes they evaporate too :)Good idea to pin them down like that...and thanks for sharing Catherine xx


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